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The Theory Of Human Nature And The State Governance Mode

Posted on:2017-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330482999841Subject:Legal theory
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Chinese traditional mainstream theory of human nature is goodness of traditional Chinese governance mode is the rule of man; for the original sin of Western mainstream Christianity Human Nature - An evil nature of the Western model of governance rule of law is more ancient tradition. Intuitively, the Human Nature between China and the West are associated with their respective national governance model fit, China goodness of the corresponding rule of man mode, and the West evil nature pattern corresponding to the rule of law. But through the current research results carding unearthed contact Human Nature and National Government Mode between these two concepts described above are not the simple.In fact, the goodness of the corresponding rule of man can also be a corresponding rule of law, evil nature may correspond to the rule of law that there is also the possibility of the rule of man’s logic, whereby mainstream Western Health issued four relationships Humanity and National Government Mode between what might be termed non-inevitable associates. Specifically, the goodness of logically can be pushed to the rule of man, such contact is more logical coherence, but not the same as the historical fact is that the goodness of the rule of man created such national governance; at the same time between the goodness of the rule of law may also be linked, not only for the goodness of the rule of man and the rule of law in this country and service governance model does not have any contact. From Western School of Natural Law perspective, the goodness of the law can also be produced as a source of legitimacy and, at the same time from the obligation to abide by the law perspective, the goodness of the rule of law to ensure the goal. On departure from Evil, because of the evil in human nature factor vigilance, more clearly deduced to implement rule of law in this country governance model, but from the historical facts level, the same is not the evil nature of humans to create the rule of law, both in the event of on the time sequence can be seen at this point; hold Evil theorists would not necessarily advocate the rule of law may also agree the rule of man, only from the Evil deduced there is a very important tool for law making role when governance is not up to the national level of governance, at the same time, but also because in some cases, the rule of law with respect to the rule of man and cause even more advantageous it is recognized that human evil but still advocate the rule of man rather than the rule of law. This view is the key point of this article.After clarification contact Humanity and governance modes, and analyzes the factors of human nature and Western governance model differences. For clarify the relationship between this view of human nature and mode of governance, dialectical analysis of the merits of Western governance model has been promoted.
Keywords/Search Tags:Theory of Human Nature, Country Governance Model Theory of Original Goodness of Human Nature Theory of Original Evil of Human Nature Rule of Man, Rule of Law
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