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Marx’s Theory Of Nature And Its Contemporary Enlightenment From The Prosperity And Declination Of Zhoukou Lotus Monosodium Glutamate Factory

Posted on:2013-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330377958359Subject:Ideological and political education
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Marx’s theory of human nature provides an abundant source of theories for China’secological civilization construction, and it also is of great significance in guiding China totransform its pattern of economic growth and build a resource-saving andenvironment-friendly society. Marx’s theory of human nature experienced four stages to reachfull maturity: initial understanding on human and nature in his doctorate dissertation,preliminary development of his concept of nature in Economic&Philosophic Manuscript of1844, establishment of his concept of nature in Theses on Feuerbach and the GermanIdeology, and enrichment and development of his concept of nature in Capital. The core ofthe theory lies in the relations of human and nature, including nature in itself, humanizednature and nature in humanism. Marxist concept of nature comprehensively and dialecticallyanalyses the relations among human, nature and society, and puts forward the concept of "twoconciliations", i.e. conciliation between human and nature and conciliation among humanbeings, and "two promotions", i.e. the two historical processes of human and nature partingand human reining nature. By this we can solve the subject-object relation and conflictsbetween human and nature and ultimately reach inherent unity. The decline of Lotus FlowerGourmet Powder Co., Ltd in Zhoukou indicates many problems concerning human activityand environment protection, etc. Marx’ theory of human nature enlightens us greatly inunderstanding and analyzing these problems, and this is a specific application of the theory ina specific field. Marx’ theory of human nature theory inspires us that enterprises shouldaddress environmental pollution under the guide of Marx’s theory of human nature, rationallybalance economic, environmental and social benefits; pollution control should base onall-round development and fulfillment of human, so as to achieve harmony between humanand nature; a collaborative platform involving enterprises, the society and the governmentshould be built; enterprises should vigorously develop science and technology, and establish acyclical and sustainable production mode; the government should banish its official-orientedway of thinking to become a modern service-oriented government; the state governmentshould always adhere to the basic national policy of environmental protection and strengthenits implementation.
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