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The Application Of LUCC To A County's Environment Study Based On GIS

Posted on:2006-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152495076Subject:Physical geography
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Land use and land cover change,which is located at front edge of international geography,is not only the result of global change but also the major reason of global change. The main reason of the research on the effect of global change is to resolve the issue---- how is the land use to effect environmental change by land cover change. Whereas the aim of globlal change is for sustainable development.Thus the relations between them make up of the core issue of LUCC. Research work on special regions not only help to make a perfect discuss on problems of land use change, also provide abundant and more accute regional information for comprehensive analysis on land use change and global environmental change. In this thesis,GIS and mathmetical model techniques are used to analysis the effect and the result of LUCC in Xiantao county, Hubei Province. Details are as the follows:1. Summarized the knowledge of LUCC,including its concept,the aim, the content and the three schools of LUCC in the world.2. All kinds of models which are characterized of abstraction are necessary to understand and predict LUCC because LUCC covers a lot of factors and its process is complicated. The ethsis is based on the work of Geo-spatial-temporal database, the spatial temporal variation and simulation models to research the spatial and temporal change of LUCC in Xiantao county. The functions of GIS such as managing spatial and attributive data,spatial overlap,statistical analysis is used efficiently.3. The results indicate that the area of arable land,woods and grass land, unexploited land are decreased obviously, while the area of water land ,garden land, urban residential and industrial land are extend rapidly. This change of land use brings to tremendous economic benefits as well as a serial of environmental problems.Deeply investigation and analysis on environment in Xiantao county are made in this thesis,including the environment impact of industrial land, irrigation establishment, agricultural land and traffic land . Reinstated measures on ill-effectedland use are put forward.At the same time, a scientific prediction of Xiantao's environmental problem in the near future has made.4. Based on all the analyses and integrated the practical situation of land use in Xiantao, the frame of sustainable development of land use in Xiantao is put forward to offer the concerned decision-making people theories.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land use/land coverage change, Xiantao county, GIS Driving forces, Environment impact assessment
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