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Research On The Measurement And Control Of Enterprise's Financial Risk

Posted on:2006-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Financial risk is the monetary manifestation of enterprise's risk. In modern society, financial risk, along with development of knowledge economics and competition between enterprises, has becomes more and more complex. Considering the influence of financial risk on operation of enterprises, the development of economy and the stability of society, we think it is necessary to conduct systematic research on financial risk and then raise some relevant measures. As public enterprises, the listed company's business performance relates with the strategic arrangement and growth situation of macroeconomic and microeconomic development. So we study all kinds of risk in run, analyze and measure them with practical method, in order to form the overall knowledge to listed companies of different industries, different developing levels and different operation conceptions.At first, based on risk management and financial management theories, using knowledge of economics, capital operation, statistics, investment etc., this thesis builds the theoretical frame about company financial risk, making people get a common knowledge about risk. Secondly, this thesis compares and analyzes various kinds of financial risk measurement methods, proposes the superiority of leverage analysis method and selects it to measure the enterprises' financial risk. At last, this thesis carries on the positive research: Applying some theories of microeconomic leverage for practical financial data of 67 listed companies of medical and biological products industry, accordingly providing the positive value range of Microeconomic Leverage coefficient, and thus offering scientific basis for the control of enterprise's financial risk.In conclusion, by carrying on the theoretical analysis and positive research on the microeconomic leverage, we intend to supply a clear, simplified and efficient tool for enterprise runners when they are facing with the more and more complex financial risk, thereby improving the decision level of runners and the financial risk management level of enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Risk, Financial Risk, Risk Measurement, Risk control, Method of leverage analysis
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