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Human Capital And Economic Growth

Posted on:2006-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the economic and the lack of the capital, How to speed our economical development by an effective and correct way which many scholars are looking for. In the process of economic growth ,what's role of human capital? Human capital itself will be how to chang.This is the main topic discussed in the paper. Based on the theory western new-economic growth. I try to construct a configuration of analysis, which contains a model of human capital input and a models, the roles of each factors on the economic growth are distinct, especially the role and the mechanism of human capital. The objective of this research is to give some feasible advice on the sustainable economic growth.The main conclusions of this paper are following. First, It is necessary for us to think about the value of human capital, because it is the base of all things. I try to separate human capital from labor. The former represents human quality, and labour only stand for human quantity .I think that human capital should contain the value of labor and capital. Second, human capital is affected by lots of elements, every element is different each other. We must gain a clear of which is the most necessary of all.So, I am going to analyse and discuss the worth of human capital which contains currency worth and non-currency worth of human capital.Third, Based on the theory of above-mentioned, I try to set up the model of human capital and economic growth so that I can understand fully human capital's effect in the course of the economic growth. On the other hand ,in different areas, the ways or types of economic growth are different. The main type is capital-amplified growth, and the human capital storage growth, complex growth. Human capital is the most important of all factors that cause economic discrepancy in areas. In the end, I foresee the quantily of human capital in the fifteen years.It is known that the speed of economic growth can reflect a state of economic in the country. As the most key of factors, it is very important for economic speed and steady growth that we analyse the human capital. Many questions are worth to study for us.
Keywords/Search Tags:index system of Human Capital, synthetical evaluation, factor analysis, multiple regression, forecast
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