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The Research On Value Orientation For Building Service-oriented Government In China

Posted on:2007-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182494773Subject:Administrative Management
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The service-oriented government promotes extensively in the global scope and gradually build up with a big trend, along with the development of the socialism market economy and the globalization and the information technique revolution, especially the new situation ,new circumstance of our country join to the world trade organization, produce profound influence on our country's administration managed system, at the same time ,putting forward a higher request. Therefore, the research of the theories of the service-oriented government and combines the realistic circumstance of the Chinese government reformation to put forward the suggestion have important realistic meaning.The textual center idea aim is to though the introduction and research of domestic and international relevant government construction theories, reform to the Chinese government of the realistic circumstance do a more overall of the reality review and reasonableness of examine, and from here put forward it is necessary and urgent to our country to establishment the service type the of the government currently , and concerning the service type government of the theories frame and fulfillment operated frame, taking wishing enough as our country the service type government of the establishment provide a certain theories support.The paper is divided into four sections: in the first section, is the overview and the theories foundation, main to introduce from domestic and international relevant theories research development present condition and result and this text research of theories foundation; The second part introduced the experience of government reengineering in England, American etc. and passed an analytical current our government to put forward China to build up the service type the necessity and the urgency of the government in the existent key problem; The third part is the theories frame part, putting forward an oneself the comprehension of the government in...
Keywords/Search Tags:Service - oriented government, Control-oriented government, Government reengineering, Citizen direction, Alienation
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