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Contemporary Basic Direction And Requirements For Building Service-oriented Government In China

Posted on:2014-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the late20th century, the traditional administrative mode disadvantages highlighted increasingly, prompted domestic contradictions growing, in order to keep up with the development of The Times and social development of the new change request, governments around the world have carried on the significant strategic adjustment, increased the country’s administrative reform. From governments to the practice of the reform process, seems to have gradually put the focus of the reform in the exploration and construction of "service-oriented government", and has achieved some success, it seems that the contemporary construction of service-oriented government conforms to the trend of The Times, keep up with the trend of The Times development, and gradually become a hot topic in the academic research and discussion. In different stages of development, the needs of the people will follow different, plus the system of social management the unceasing change, demanded that the government should reasonably and effectively perform their corresponding administrative functions, improve the ability of serving the people and level.Therefore, the Government must change the traditional administrative, need to adapt to new situations, reflect the voice of the people, serve the interests of the people, is the right choice. And, on the other hand, the construction of service-oriented government, in the final analysis, is determined by the inherent nature of the Chinese government, China’s government is led by the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Communist Party’s mission is to serve the people wholeheartedly, this aim is also China level of government an important mission and a sacred duty. Government has done, only for the people’s interests to consider, if the Government is contrary to the purpose of serving the people, goes against the will of the people, must directly affect the rise and fall of the country, to shake the status of China’s ruling party. At the same time, a service-oriented government building,is the inevitable outcome of the development of market economy in our country, maintaining social stability and the inevitable requirement to maintain the sustainable development of society, reflecting the urgent desire of the masses of the people, conform to the requirements of the development of democratic politics.It for the growth of civil society, accelerating the pace of our country democracy rule of law construction, promote social harmony has extremely vital significance, visible, contemporary research is necessary for the construction of a service-oriented government.This article mainly from four parts to elaborate the contemporary construction of service-oriented government in our country, the first part is introduction, mainly analyzes the meaning of thesis topic selection, research status at home and abroad of the service-oriented government and the research methods and innovation points of this article;The second part is about the overview of the theory of the service-oriented government, first is the meaning of service-oriented government, the basic characteristics in detail, then discusses the theoretical basis of the service-oriented government, Mainly from the representation of marxism ideology and public servant theory, theory of post-industrial society, scientific development theory, governance theory and so on several aspects, in order to service-oriented government to a more comprehensive understanding of and cognition;The third part is in the process of building a service-oriented government in our country, highlighted some of the problems,such as:insufficient understanding of service oriented government, service consciousness, change of government function does not reach the designated position, the relevant system is not perfect, service personnel quality is not high, and why all these problems had been comprehensively discussed in detail.Last part of the general direction of the future of service-oriented government building and requirements are described, including seven aspects:First, the "people-oriented" as the fundamental starting point for building service-oriented government. The second is the public service as the core functions of a service-oriented government.Must first figure out the different controls and services, actually erected in line with the service-oriented government philosophy.Three is to achieve the transformation of government functions, the transition from omnipotent government to limited government, reasonably define the boundary of the government’s own behavior. Four is to put the administrative morality as a service-oriented government’s basic value pursuit, adhere to the moral administration.The fifth is to cultivate the social intermediary organizations, create social conditions for the Service-oriented government building. Sixth, improve the performance evaluation system, and provide a guarantee for the reform of China’s administrative system.Seven is adhere to administration according to law, to provide legal system guarantee for the construction of the service-oriented government in China. Through the discussion of the above, hope in the practice of the service-type government in our country, to be able to grasp the correct direction and avoid detours less, gradually build a really makes people happy with the success of a service-oriented government.
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