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A Study On The Reestablishment Of The Gov Ernment Affairs’ Procedures In The Construction Of Service-Oriented Government

Posted on:2017-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330488969181Subject:Administrative Management
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China has put forward to the administrative reform process, and the market played a decisive role. Since June 2014, the State Council has started to registration system which incorporated the three certificates to one. In order to play the role of government, improve the market system, reduce government intervention and strengthen supervision. Put the decentralization and control in the same location. Reform of the market access system and encourage exploration of the amalgamation of certificates registration system that included Business license, Organization code certificate and Tax Registration Certificate. It will be good for government reform. After analyzing the core concepts of the process of reengineering, business process reengineering and the Service-oriented government theory, it explained the theoretical evolution of the government process reengineering. After analyzed the current status of domestic and foreign government, it focused on process reengineering and the existing problems. Introduced some representative foreign governmental practices that comprised the American model, the Japanese model, the Singapore model, then summarized the basic characteristics of foreign government process reengineering. The domestic research is on the study of the application of government process Reconstruction. In China, due to the unclear definition of the concept, fuzzy relevant laws and the benefit barriers, it is harmful to the government and public. It caused the trouble: obstacle of the course, low efficiency, the confusion of the process and so on.Taking the "three cards One" practice registration system reform as an example, we analyze the background of the reform the system of registration. It included political,economic and social background. To clarify the related content of the "three certificates into one document" registration system, then compared the diversification of the enterprises in the newly established government process reengineering business processes. Establishing on the customer-oriented service concept to change the traditional concept of government administration, science-based definition of government administrative functions.It carried out a gradual reform of government institutions, focusing on systematic process reengineering,reengineering electronic form, recycling link legalization to scientifically government process reengineering, promote e-government construction and improvement of e-government,improve the legal system and the government process of performance evaluation mechanismto improve the construction of service-oriented government countermeasures in government process reengineering.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, Governmental Process Reengineering, Three Certificates into One Document
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