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The Construction Of The Service-oriented Government: Surveyed In The Context Of China

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The past 20 years and more since Reform and opening up policy carried out in China are also the years that our government has been self-innovated according to the social public demands and the inner requirements of social development. In the past twenties years, our government went across the course which developed countries need almost three hundred years to accomplish, and achieved the two important transformation, one is from almighty(or limitless) government to limited government, the other is from limited government to effective government. During the course, the governmental administrative ideas were adjusted constantly, function structure was optimized continually and the capability to solve the public issues was improved gradually too. How to construct a modern government that can meet the civic public demands of our country, how to build a Service-oriented government, which can served for the development of Socialist Market Economy by offering public services, ameliorating public administration, solving public issues and making public policies, is a inevitable and desiderate solve problem in the course of the political development of our country. The central task of this paper is to make a study macroscopically and synthetically on the construction of Service-oriented government.The whole paper was divided into 4 chapters to discuss the above problem except the Introduction and Conclusion. Chapter oneGovernment and Service-oriented Government: explained in the context of modern state.Making the human good living come true need the establishment of a good government. In the mode of modern governance, the government is an organization meeting the civic public demands and promoting the public welfare, a service organ in the face of the public, a suit of organizational arrangement governing the public affairs, an organ expressing social intention and an institutional arrangement offering safety, order and justice with scale economy. In the context of modern state, the government is a political organization established by people's consent. It can legally control and exert the public power, make use of public resources, deal with public affairs, provide public goods and services, meet public requirements and take on the public responsibilities.If the human being can't without the government and public power, it is due to the following reasons. Firstly, the government is the condition of the human well-ordered life and the important instrument of avoiding the ruin of human being; secondly, the government is the main means to ensure our freedom and rights; thirdly, the power can also assure our rights; the last reason is that the government is the crucial mechanism to realize social justice.In a word, for the purpose of living a life with safety, order and dignity, the human beings choose to establish a government. However, not every government mode can achieve the people's anticipations for the government. In the different phase of human history, there are diverse government modes. The process of human civilization is essentially the course that people choose among the different government modes rationally. The Service-oriented government established in our country is a modern government mode. Concretely speaking, it is a modern government which insists on the principle of people first and civics fist, a democratic government which persists that all power belong to the people, a public government which serves for public goods and defends civic dignity, it is also a law-based government and limited government with limited power.The service-oriented government built in our country exceeds the control-oriented government and the development-oriented government at ideal logic. Building service-oriented government should be the central content of our country's political development. Compared with the control-oriented government and the development-oriented government, the service-oriented government built in our country is more helpful to ensure civic freedom and right, promote social harmony, maintain social justice, defend civic dignity and facilitate economic development and social prosperity.Chapter twoSocial transformation, changes in the public needs and the construction of our country's service-oriented governmentBuilding service-oriented government in our country is the inner requirement for the social transformation and even more the inevitable choice when our country runs to this stage.Since 1949, great changes took place in Chinese society, we achieved country's independency. Our country gradually strode from traditional society to genuine modern society. Social transformation necessarily leads to the adjustments and changes of public needs. Of course, the adjustment of public needs is also useful to push forward our governmental reforms. The adjustment is with the following 5 characters:(1)the progressive amount of public needs;(2)deep changes in the structure of public needs;(3)the extended subjects of public need;(4)diversity of public needs;(5)increasingly heightened public needs and serious conflicts between supply and demand.The government fails to keep up a pace to supply public goods and meet the public demands. Properly speaking, it embodied in the several facets as follows: ( 1 ) the government interfered things in the microeconomic field excessively, and relatively ignored the supply of public goods(.2)the government didn't provide enough public goods and services necessary for economic and social developments.(3)the social and economic progress called the government must have the capacity to meet the diverse public needs. ( 4 ) the functions of government transformed slowly, the effect of government innovation is not very distinct.Constructing the service-oriented government is the certain requirement for our country's economic and social developments, the inner request for maintaining our country's social justice, the need to improve the bad phenomenon from local governments, the necessary choice to upgrade government abilities, and the base of ameliorating the quality of public life.Chapter threeThe base of building service-oriented government in our country: socialist democracy ad lawConstructing our country's service-oriented government can not without socialist democracy and law. By several decade years'hard work, Chinese government has accomplished many achievements in building socialist democracy and law which lay a base for the construction of service-oriented government, that is to say, those achievements make building service-oriented government possible and feasible.By the arduous exploring and practice of many years, we have accomplished many achievements in socialist democracy and law as follows:(1)new democratic theory;(2)increasingly perfect democratic institutions;(3)constantly accelerated democratic course. Socialist democracy is quite significant to building service-oriented government. It provides the construction of service-oriented government with the institutional guarantee, scientific policy-making mechanism and idealistic conditions.In the same way, on the past 20 years and more since reform and opening up, we have also won theoretical and practical success in building socialist law. They are embodied in the following:(1)the strengthening of legislative work;(2)increasingly perfect judicial institutions;(3)improved administration according to law;(4)increase in law consciousness. These achievements are crucial to the construction of our country's service-oriented government, that is, building socialist law is useful to develop democratic politics, maintain social justice and ensure social stability and order.Chapter fourThe construction of the Service-oriented Government: analyses on Strategy The construction of the Service-Oriented Government is not just the construction of government itself. Whether we can construct the Service-oriented Government smoothly is not only related to the construction of government, but also closely related to formation of modern citizen, the deepening of the reform of the political systems and the promotion of the capacities of the governing party.First, the construction of the Service-Oriented Government relies on the formation of modern citizen. Citizens are the main force in promoting the governmental reformation and transformation. They are decisive for the main orientation and process of the governmental transformation and development. The construction of the Service-Oriented Government relies on the cultivation of modern citizen, the formation of civic consciousness, cultivation of civic spirit and the promotion of citizen's capacities.To form modern citizen is to form citizen's spirit of publicity, patriotism, tolerance and criticism, to form the consciousness of rights, participation, justice and responsibility, to form the citizen's capacities, including the capacities of comprehending the nature of the political decision, of understanding the procedure of political decision and of transforming the political knowledge into political actions. The cultivation of modern citizen of our country is very important for the construction of the Service-Oriented Government: first, to form modern citizen is helpful to improve citizens'understanding of the relation between themselves and the government, which is the intellectual basis and cultural precondition for the construction of the Service-Oriented Government. Second, it's helpful for strengthening the legitimatized consciousness of the government, which is the fundamental drive of the construction of the Service-Oriented Government. Third, it's helpful to promote our country's political modernization, to provide a necessary institutional environment for the construction of the Service-Oriented Government. In order to form the modern citizen, it's necessary to strengthen a wide range of political participation, to promote citizen's capacities, to strengthen civic education, to fully respect, guarantee and realize the citizen's political, economical and social rights for their development.The construction of the Service-Oriented Government needs not only the growth of civil society, but also the modern political system. The smooth construction of the Service-Oriented Government relies on the improvement of our political system, on the political democratization and rule of law. Democracy is of great value in the political system in modern society. In democracy, citizens enjoy full rights and freedom, public power is effectively under control and run peacefully, and the society and economy always flourish. In the process of the construction of the modern political system, the rule of law is another political ideal of human being as well as democracy. The rule of law is preferred than rule of man, because the former is more helpful to set political order, to make democracy function in order, to respect man than the latter. In order to strengthen the construction of our country's socialist democracy, we should work in three aspects as follows: 1. to strengthen grassroots democracy. 2. to form civil societies. 3. to develop democratic system, to increase democratic forms and to extend the scope of political participation within order. And in order to construct the socialist state in law, we should work in three aspects as follows: 1, to change the ideas about law. 2. to reform the legal system. 3. to carry forward the spirit and culture of the rule of law.The construction of our country's Service-Oriented government is related not only to the growth of the civil society, but also to the level of political development and further to the level of the governing capacity of the CPC. The promotion of the governing capacity of the CPC is the key for the construction of the Service-Oriented Government. In order to strengthen the governing capacity of the CPC, it's necessary to set the idea of scientific governing and governing for people, to strengthen the consciousness of governing in the whole party, to improve the systems of leading and work, to insist the principles of scientific governing, democratic governing, governing according to law, to constantly improve the way of leading and governing of the party, to strengthen the construction of the grassroots organizations and the team of party members, to deepen the reform of the personal mechanism, to found a team of leaders with high qualities who are good at governing.Our country's construction of the Service-Oriented Government relies on the transformation of the government too. In order to construct the Service-Oriented Government, first, we have to insist the governance ideas of democracy, responsibility, service, rule of law, fairness, incorruptness, transparency and efficiency. In order to construct the Service-Oriented Government, we have to reform the administrative system, to transform the idea of governing, to speed up the change of the function of the government, to propel the reform of governmental organizations, to improve the mechanism of decision making and to create new ways of governance. In order to construct the Service-Oriented Government, we have to promote the government's capacities of financial managing, coordinating and controlling, organizing and balancing, handling crisis and enforcing. In order to construct the Service-Oriented Government, the core task is constructing the team of public servants. The key point of the task is to transform public servants'consciousness, to strengthen their consciousness of being public servants, to improve their occupational ethics, to promote their main capacities, to improve the function mechanism and to improve their activity. In order to construct the Service-Oriented Government, we have to form new governmental culture, to realize the governmental culture transformation from that of rule of man to that of rule of law, from the governor- based one to the people-based one, from that of discrimination to that of nondiscrimination, from that of indifference to that of participation, from that of closeness to that of openness.
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