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Research On The Path Of Construction Of Public Service-oriented Government In Hebei

Posted on:2015-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330461997114Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Now, it has become one hot issue highly concerned by the whole society to construct the public service-oriented government and transform functions of government, which is also been focused on by academic research, and it is not only an inherent requirement of building a harmonious socialist society, but also the need for implement of the Scientific Outlook on Development. For Hebei Province which play important role, how to build a public service-oriented government that people will be satisfied with, and how to ensure the fully effectiveness of government functions both deserve discussion and research intensively.Currently, our province has achieved a lot in building the public service-oriented government, such as promoting the opening of government affairs, developing e-government, changing the administrative work style, improving work efficiency and so on. But there are still some problems. They include the following: Understanding is not deep. Innovation of institution is not enough. The overall quality of the public servants needs to be further improved. The fiscal expenditure structure is imperfect. The conscious participation of the masses is not strong enough. The present developing situation of our province service-oriented government has been analyzed in the article, some constructive suggestions which is directed against problems rising during this process have been listed out. Firstly, improvement should begin from the government construction itself, the concept should be reinvented, the functions should be changed and the management should be improved as same time; And then the social supervision should be strengthened on that basis, so that the supervisory role of the masses, public opinion and other social organizations will be more effective; Finally various supporting measures should be perfected, including improving the system building and strengthening the ranks of the public servants.There are four parts in the article: In the first part, the author states the government theory of Marx and Engels, as well as some elaborations on Marx’ government theory from the previous leading group since the founding of the New China; The importance of the construction of public service-oriented government is proposed in the second part,which focuses on solving the "why" problems. The content and features of the public service-oriented government, as well as good experience from Western countries are listed out there too; The third part provides the analysis of the construction practice of publicservice-oriented government from Hebei Province, and shows the achievements and problems during the practice; The specific improved measures appears in the fourth part,including the government itself construction, strengthened social supervision, and other various supporting measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public service-oriented government, Service-oriented government, Concept of government, Management style, Social supervision
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