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Effective Government

Posted on:2016-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330464471515Subject:Administrative Management
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The Third Plenary Session of the party’s eighteen first proposed promoting the modernization of national governance systems and governance capacity,stressing that the governance needed to form acomplete and consistent system to ensure the overall development of the Socialist cause with Chinese characteristics and the system. The traditional mode of governance emphasis on bureaucracy, caused by the concentration of power, large institutions, overstaffing, inefficient shortcomings. Also in this model of government governance body has already become non rational economic man, the pursuit of their own interests, rent- seeking phenomenon common, disrupting the social democracy and the rule of law, fairness and justice of the order. In this context, government process reengineering based on theoretical and practical, from the new perspective explore and study of the development path of effective governance, the provides strong support for the reform. Government process reengineering through the core theory of business process reengineering, gradually deepening and expansion to newpublic management theory, seamless government theory. They are in the process of promoting effective governance jointly launched a reconstruction of storm. Firstly, on the basis of in existing government process reengineering theory and practice, combing through to the domestic and foreign literature and research, and described the current government process reengineering of the political environment, social environment, policy environment and governance practice, pointing out the research significance, methods and basic frame. Also basic concepts related to government process reengineering are defined, analyzed the conn otation and theoretical support of government process reengineering, which is business process reengineering theory, new public management theory and seamless government theory. From the application of information technology, improveservice quality, improve the efficiency of the administrative and pointed out that the government process reengineering from the perspective of effective governance of the realistic basis. Secondly, on the current government process reengineering under the perspective of governance situation described, pointing out the reality of the plight of the government management effectiveness improvement, and from the government governance idea, system, technology and other aspects starting, analysis of government process reengineering how to get rid of these obstacles, realize effective government governance goals. Finally, based on the contents of the above interpretation and objective analysis, and points out that the Government Process Reengineering under the angle of view of effective governance path selection, respectively from the four a spects of the subject, foundation, support and purpose of effective governance, proposing four paths of polycentric governance, institutional innovation, modernization and implementation of service-oriented Government. At the same time, the conclusion and deficiencies are summarized, laying the useful experience forthe future research. Which needs to be emphasized is that when faced with the transformation of government functions and service range widening, effective governance is no longer with the government as the centralized control, but multi center governance. The model is government led, market regulation, social or ganizations and citizens to participate in multiple governance. This is also the righteousness of Chinese government governance and comprehensive deepening reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Governance, Government Process Reengineering, Modernization Management, Service-oriented Government
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