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Comment And Analysis Of The Supervisory System Of National People's Congress

Posted on:2007-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182498585Subject:Foreign political system
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Supervision of the is the basic content of the National People'sCongress(N.P.C.).It guarantees and facilitates the construction of democracy and legalsystem.This article thoroughly elaborates the supervisory system of N.P.C.'s theoryorigin, the history development, movement and achievement in China, and analysesthe problems which the supervisory system of N.P.C. exists now deeply, and putsforward the suggestions which improve and strengthen the system. This article isdivided into four parts.The first part, the history analysis of the supervisory system of N.P.C.'sformation. This part introduces the western fraction theories and the developments ofthe system, elaborates the theories of socialist countries' representative congresssupervisory power of revolutionary tutors for example, Marx, Engels, Lenin, and theleaders of C.P.C. and China for example, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin.The author thinks we can absorb beneficial results from western political civilizationsdialectically and develop the revolutionary tutors' supervisory theory creatively. Theauthor also outlines basic history developing vein of the supervisory system ofN.P.C. in China.The second part, the general condition of the supervisory system of N.P.C.. Thegeneral theories of supervisory system of N.P.C. are introduced in this part. There areprinciple stipulations which are drawn from the constitution, the N.P.C. constitutivelaw, local N.P.C. and local government constitutive law, the stipulations of the N.P.C.,the stipulations of the standing committee of N.P.C., and the draft of supervisory law.The main body, the object, the contents and the forms are introduced to the readers.The nature, characteristics, principle of N.P.C. are generalized and the achievementsof supervisory system of N.P.C. which obtained are unfolded in front of the readers.The third part, current existing problems and causes of supervisory system ofN.P.C. .Some deficiency of supervisory system of N.P.C. are analyzed, which aregeneralized as follows, the supervisory laws and regulations are not perfect, thepolitical system is uncoordinated, own construction is imperfect, the ideologicalrecognition doesn't arrive, and so on. The author tries hard to set off to presentsuggestions to solve these problems for the next part, and explore the cause ofstrengthening and improving the supervisory system of N.P.C..The forth part, fore-sighting ponders of further perfect supervisory system ofN.P.C.. In view of above several aspects problems, fore-sighting ponders to solvingthese problems are presented. For example, formulating official supervisory law,perfecting supervisory system of N.P.C., straightening out different kinds of relations,perfecting supervisory organization, improving the way of supervision, strengtheningown construction of N.P.C., enhancing the actual effect of supervision, strengtheningthe social citizens' political participation, and so on. The supervisory system of N.P.C.should be perfected. We must cause the movement of supervisory system of N.P.C. tohave law to support, to execute law strictly, to investigate illegal acts rigorously.
Keywords/Search Tags:the National People's Congress(the N.P.C.), Supervisory Power, Political System, Reprehensive Congress System
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