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Responsible Government And Its Realization In China

Posted on:2007-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W R YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182988515Subject:Administrative Management
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As a fundamental idea of political democracy, the theory of responsible government is being concerned by more and more people. The characters of democracy, nomocracy, efficiency and probity which should be had in modern public administration will be implemented in a responsible government. The realization of responsible government in China could improve the development of politics and economy. It's also a current of the world public administration.There are many different views on the concept of responsible government among scholars, however, there also have managed to consistent in many aspects. In short, responsible government which the writer said is a government with responsibility for what it should do and had done. Responsible government is an idea, is a way of administration. Certainly, it has come down to the building of responsible system. The theoretic basis of responsible government can be brought forward from many points of view. At present, the ides of responsible government have be advance in our country. But it still has some obstacles on its realization. The responsibilities of government still have shortage in a great deal of aspects, such as the shortage in the process of administerial power exertion and lack of responsible body. The reason for the existent of shortage is complex. The reason could be talked from the aspect of correlative responsible body, responsible object and responsible consciousness, to the aspect of the distemperedness of correlative system and so on. So, it is necessary to using the idea of the new public admonitions to building the responsible government from those aspects which have been talked about. We should restrict the range of the government responsibility correctly, carry out the system which could run the negative responsibility of the government, introduce the performance management to the public administration, make the administration publicly, strength the surveillance of responsibility and so on.The thesis consists of four parts: in the first part, the conception of responsibility, government responsibility and responsible government would be discussed. The necessities of building a responsible government in China are formulated. From the second part, we could find the theoretic base of responsible government from three points of view: political science, law, administrant science and psychology. The inscape of responsible government should be talked about later;in the third part, first of all, the problems of responsible government in our country are reviewed from five aspects. Next, the causes of them are analyzed. In the last part, some countermeasure on how to realize responsible government in our country would be put forward.
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