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A Study On The Influence Of The Public's Satisfaction To The Police Function On The Police Trust

Posted on:2021-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In reality,the police problem in contemporary China has been widely concerned,and the improvement of the relationship between the police and the public has become an urgent problem to be solved.In theory,as the most widely contacted government branch,the public trust in the police can be regarded as an important measure of the legitimacy of the police and the attitude of the government.With the changes of society,all kinds of contradictions are increasing.As a front-line institution dealing with social conflicts,whether the police can fulfill the function expectation of the public will affect the public's trust.According to this,this study starts from the "performance theory" of the police function,and tries to explore the influence of the satisfaction of the public to the police function on the police trust,so as to provide help for the establishment of a good image of the police,the improvement of the construction of the police institution itself,and also provide good support for the national governance capacity and the modernization of the governance system.When the research on police trust in western academia has been continuously refined and deepened,the research indicators of police trust in Chinese are too single and narrow.At the same time,there is no empirical research on the satisfaction of the public's police function.Therefore,this study is expected to make a dialogue with the existing western research,and try to answer the following three questions: first,can Taylor's procedural justice model explain the police trust mechanism of Chinese people and refine the research indicators of police trust in China? Secondly,is the "crime fighting" and "service" function of the police based on the model of "instrumental concern" and "expressive concern" applicable to the satisfaction of the police function of the Chinese people? Third,whether the satisfaction of the public's functions in the police's "crime fighting" and "service" has an impact on the police's trust,and which of these functions has the most significant explanation?From the perspective of social macro structure and individual micro level,this study discusses the approach of "system theory" and "culture theory" of police trust research.Starting from the combination of social macro structure and "system theory",it can be found that the change of social system accompanied by the change of macro social structure in China has led to the complexity of the public's trust in police institutions.With the help of the current information age,the public began to pay attention to the procedures and results of police law enforcement at the same time,which undoubtedly makes the generation of the public's trust in police extremely complex.From the perspective of individual micro perspective and "culture theory",in our country,after the reform and opening up,the police has become the main institution of social control.At the same time,with the "deification" publicity of the police institutions,people's expectations of the police function are constantly generalized,which will obviously have an important impact on the public's police trust.Based on the above analysis approach,this study uses the survey data of "Shanghai residents' legal cognition and behavior" conducted by the school of social development of East China University of political science and law in Shanghai in 2017,and conducts data processing and analysis through Stata statistical software,mainly using factor analysis,multiple linear regression and other research methods for analysis.Through the research and analysis of the data,the main conclusions of this study are as follows: first,the generation of public police trust can be divided into two parts: Police trust based on procedural justice and police trust based on outcome justice.Secondly,the functions of "service" and "crime fighting" of the public police are significantly related to the police trust based on procedural justice and result justice.Third,whether the police trust based on procedural justice or the police trust based on result justice,the satisfaction of the public's police "service" function is the most influential.The relationship between the differentiation of the public's police trust formation mechanism and the public's satisfaction with the police function has shown that,on the one hand,we should do a good job in procedural law popularization and pay attention to the construction of the public's procedural police trust.On the other hand,we should deal with the non police work well.On the premise of solving the needs of the public,we should clarify the functions of the police and prevent the generalization of the functions of the police.Therefore,in the context of the modernization of national governance capacity and governance system and the overall deepening of public security reform,it will help to form a long-term public security social pattern to strengthen the transparency of police procedures and results,clarify the scope of police functions,build a diversified non police work processing channel,and properly undertake its police "service" and "crime fighting" functions.
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