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Research On The Existing Problems And Countermeasures Of Police Efficiency In Police Stations

Posted on:2019-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330596453657Subject:Public administration
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Public security police station is a comprehensive combat entity at the grass-roots level of public security organs.It undertakes the duties and tasks of safeguarding national political security,safeguarding the dignity of legal authority and protecting the safety of people's lives and property.Public security police station is the most basic and front-line organization of public security organs.It is the Battle Fortress and service window at the front,and the tentacle of police work.In all parts of the country,most of the townships(streets)have police stations,which play an indispensable role in maintaining law and discipline,serving the public and fighting against crimes and other aspects.In recent years,with the change of domestic economic growth mode,the transformation and upgrading of social structure,various disputes and disputes have taken place in turn,and various risks and hidden dangers are emerging in endlessly.In such a period,we must deal with the risks and challenges of this period.Through a thorough front-line investigation and research,the author finds that the police efficiency of the current police stations is not high,or even low,and there is still a certain gap with the requirements of the Party and the people and the needs of the situation and tasks,which hinders the development of the public security cause.The reasons are mainly due to the deviation of policing concept,unscientific use of policing elements,unreasonable daily operation mechanism,unbalanced development of information policing,inadequate capacity of civilian police to perform their functions,shortcomings in grass-roots policing support,imperfect performance appraisal and incentive mechanism,and many other factors.How to effectively improve the police efficiency of police stations has become a key problem to be solved in the process of comprehensive development of public security undertakings.This paper focuses on the current situation of police service efficiency in police stations,especially the existing problems,deeply analyses the reasons that restrict the improvement of police service efficiency,and puts forward corresponding proposals to establish modern police service concept,optimize the allocation of police resources,innovate the operation mechanism of police service,promote the construction of information police service,enhance the comprehensive capacity of police,and enhance police service.A series ofcountermeasures and suggestions,such as the level of service guarantee and the improvement of performance appraisal system,are made to improve the police efficiency of police stations under the guidance of public management theory in order to meet the various risks and challenges that will be faced.
Keywords/Search Tags:Police station, Police effectiveness, Optimization, Perfection
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