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The Government Regulation In Investment Activity Of Non-government Organization

Posted on:2006-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Z KeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185994959Subject:Public Management
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Government regulation of one country is restricted by political structure and macro-economy managerial system. China is falling a track times which transform from planned economic to market economic now, so the government regulation system and functions in investment activity of non-government organization (NGO) aren't perfect and efficiency. The thesis introduce the definitions of government regulation and NGO at the beginning, then analyzing systematically the characteristic, purpose, content, system, impact, problem and the cause of formation of government regulation in investment in China by using government regulation and economics theories. China can use experiments for reference from other countries by introducing regulation condition of NGO in some developed countries. By that the thesis suggest how to perfect the government regulation in investment activity in China. This thesis has four parts as following.The firstly, this thesis introduces the definition, style and function of government regulation, analyzing the characteristic of government regulation in investment activity in China, illustrating the intention of government regulation which safeguard fair competition in market activities by government regulation.The secondly, this thesis analyzes government regulation presence in investment activity of NGO in China, illustrating problems in investment regulation of NGO, and then explaining the reason of political, economic and legal system.The thirdly, this thesis introduces the regulation experiences of developed countries to China by telling the differences in regulation contents and methods of NGO between China and developed countries.The fourthly, this thesis makes a suggestion how to perfect government regulation of NGO in China, how to draft suitable legal system, and to set up scientific managerial system.
Keywords/Search Tags:non-governmental organization, investment activity, government regulation
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