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Research Of Development Of Non-governmental Organization Under The The View Of Public Service

Posted on:2009-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272473911Subject:Administrative Management
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Non-governmental organizations, which are the social civil organizations, emerged late in the 20 centuries. They, as a kind of new system, have the enormous potential and make it possible to solve the failure of market and government. As the importance parts of citizen society, non-governmental organizations that have stronger variety, flexibility, creativity and participation, play more and more important roles in managing national and social public affairs.At the same time, Non-governmental organizations are regarded as a social organization between the government and the enterprise, whose characteristics such as non-profit-making, voluntary, public welfare, etc. have determined that it can offer the public service. With the development and growth of the Non-governmental organizations, they begin to undertake part of the public service function, becoming a provider that can't be ignored in public service and their public service function is accepted by the government and the public day by day.Since the youth's voluntary service business in China started at the beginning of 1990s, within short ten years, it has obtained considerable development and exerted positive and comprehensive influence in such a great deal of fields as the politics, economy and society. But as a new emerging thing, it still has met across some problems in development that needs research and solve, so that its latent could be given full play to. For this reason, this thesis has done some beneficial discussions.The thesis gives an overall research on the current development situation of youth's voluntary service in Chongqing. Meanwhile, it is trying to grasp the condition of the voluntary action both theoretically and practically, and seeking for the meaning of it in promoting the Chinese economy, society, and the cultural and ideological progress. Furthermore, it analyzes the shortness of it and puts forward a constructive proposal on their developing trend.This thesis is composed of five parts. Part one is an introduction, mainly inquiring into the textual research background, domestic and international conditions, purpose and meanings, contents and methods, etc. Part two concludes Non-governmental organizations and public services. Based on basic theories of Non-governmental organizations and public services in China, the thesis analyses the conception and characteristics of both. Part three describes the voluntary organization, includes the concept of the voluntary organization, creation and reason, theory research and practical development, and the meaning of development that the volunteer activity makes Non-governmental organization. Part four is the substantial evidence research: the youth volunteer activity in Chongqing, mainly explores the development stage, main contents and the systems of organization, and announces to the shortage of the youth volunteer activity. Part five points out proposals about the youth volunteer activity. This thesis put forward the correspond suggestions from the intensification of its self-construction and working mechanism(mainly stimulated mechanism).
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-governmental Organization, Public Service, Volunteer Organization, Voluntary Activity, Volunteer
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