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Great Powers' Game And Its Influence Behind The'Color Revolutions'

Posted on:2007-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360212972746Subject:International relations
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At the beginning of 21st century, 'color revolutions' broke out one by one in Central-Asia countries, which was one of the most important international events since the Cold War. It not only activized the continuous domestic political alteration in the CIS, pushed the relations of the great-powers into a new state of balance and further changed the regional politics in Asia-Europe area as well as the interfluve of the district, but also was an significative inspection and rethinking of the variance of institution and the transformation of the social configuration in the former USSR. The main reasons for the outbreak of the 'color revolutions' are the economy of the Central-Asia countries got into corner, making the standard of living decrease; the ubiquitous corruptions arouse the discontent of the people; by the way of "changing the regime peacefully" the America infiltrated into the Central-Asia countries by business cooperation and democratic assistance; Russia's strength declined and made the wrong policies to Central-Asia countries. The 'color revolutions' reflects the contract and competition of the big countries in Asia-Europe continent from the new century. Based on the above, this paper analyzes the cause and trend of the 'color revolutions', finding out the great powers' gaming and interaction in all aspects and...
Keywords/Search Tags:Central Asia, Color Revolutions, Relations between the Great Powers, Cause of Formation
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