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CIS "Color Revolution" Reasons, And In Real Inspiration

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From 2003 to 2005 in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, and other countries of the former Soviet Union took place one after another political event. "Color revolution" is the United States and Europe through charity organizations, foundations and other non-governmental organizations, in the Commonwealth of Independent States to carry out infiltration, and to cultivate the "political elite" support "the opposition" in support of the peopleThis article holds that the color of the outbreak of the revolution was so rapid and frequent, the main problem is that the conflicts within countries. These countries of the former Soviet Union and gained independence after facing two major historical tasks: the completion of an independent process, a socio-economic transformation is completed. At the same time to complete the two tasks, the difficulty can be imagined. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, between the close economic ties with the disruption to their economic development very difficult, but also the country's civil war, turmoil and war so that the already weak economy more Blow. For example, Georgia has occurred in the civil war and armed conflict, making the country's economic difficulties have been more worse. Kyrgyzstan's long-term dependence on Western foreign debt, external debt has been equivalent to the size of its gross national product of 90%. These countries achieved independence after the former Soviet Union during the country's political elite and the vast majority of machines are retained, all the disadvantages of the original also maintains its own inertia, including the centralization of individuals, rent-seeking powers, the law in name only, and other phenomena are corrosion A body in those countries. For example, in Ukraine's "Orange Revolution" played a significant role in the National Security Council officials, accusing Yanukovich guilty of theft and assault, and seized a number of Ukraine's state-owned property has close ties with corrupt businessmen, They do not want such a person for the service, to provide covert support to the opposition. Most Central Asian countries the disparity of wealth in the emergence of a large number of the rich at the same time, unemployment has become a common phenomenon. Central Asian countries the per capita monthly wage is only a few dozen dollars. In order to Kyrgyzstan, for example, the gap between rich and poor, political instability is an important reason. Kyrgyzstan is currently the poor account for about 38% of the total population, the state personnel on the average wage is only 30-40 U.S. dollars. Kyrgyzstan, many of the most profitable big business and industry to be controlled Akayev family and close aides. "Yellow revolution" to participate in the procession are the unemployed people and the farmers group. The Commonwealth of Independent States in the first post-independence generation of leaders of the country's political development has made great contribution to the democratic political system but with the gradual improvement of democracy and external pressures, in the face of complex internal social, political and economic development And social challenges of the rapidly changing trends of thought, a lot of the leaders of the ruling party and, to varying degrees, there have been changes in the social development suited. At the same time, independent after the development of new political forces, to accelerate integration to form a strong opposition. Most of them are respected in the West of democratic institutions, and individuals opposed to centralization of power and long-term one-party rule. These people familiar with the operation of the electoral and political process, and make better use of the development of economic and political difficulties and problems in launching an attack and there are quite a social appeal. The Commonwealth of Independent States in the early days of independence are copying the American model, the President of the Constitutional provisions only two consecutive terms. However, the Central Asian countries, for example, apart from Kyrgyzstan, although so far four countries have been president for two consecutive terms, but there is no separation of the office said. Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the three countries in political turmoil, triggered by the election. The election manipulation and injustice, such as bribery, from official to official, as well as restrictions on the media to control the masses, have caused dissatisfaction with the political situation is the direct mutation of the fuse. After analyzing the color of the outbreak of the revolution, national co-factor, and this article on the two abroad, an important factor, Russia and the United States starting the game analyzed. Russia to keep its "backyard" and maintain their own strategy for survival, constantly criticized on the one hand, warned the United States, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other international organizations to "cautious", on the other hand, is the use of history The formation of ties and political contacts to influence support. However, due to a variety of historical and real restrictions on Russia as a specific few, not to the pro-Russian political forces to provide practical help and the results are not good, obviously at a disadvantage in competing in, unable to give people a sense. On the other hand, the United States, seize the favorable opportunity to support the Government and non-governmental organizations actively involved in a two-pronged approach, and always holds the initiative in the competition, made a favorable strategic situation. Have taken place from the "color revolutions" and is currently subject to the "color revolutions" a threat to the country, almost all of them at a critical geo-strategic region, the United States has important strategic value.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States to seize the opportunities for infiltration. The United States has always hoped to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia into a "model of democracy" and hoped to give impetus to the Central Asian region as a whole to accept a Western-style democracy. After the U.S. launched the war in Afghanistan, but also to achieve its military presence in Central Asia. Georgia is located in the Middle East and Russia in the middle of the zone of the Caspian Sea oil and gas resources is an important gateway for exports to the West, is Stalin's hometown, has important symbolic significance. In the "color revolutions" First, the U.S. government to create conducive environment for the opposition of the international public opinion, for example, does not recognize the legitimacy of the election, those in power to put pressure on the opposition to the provision of information and strategy consulting, the organization asked voters to vote Inquiry to investigate, and indirect support to the opposition demonstrations, and so on; The second is to provide solid technical and financial support. Ukraine election crisis, Russia has accused the United States to intervene behind the incident. The Associated Press that the information provided by the U.S. government over the past two years in Ukraine into more than 65,000,000 U.S. dollars. In fact, the U.S. State Department every year in so-called "global democracy" and spent a total of up to 10 billion U.S. dollars, of which Ukraine is a part of the investment.In the "color revolutions" in the preparation and conduct of the process, a lot of support to the work of the opposition by non-governmental organizations in the implementation. U.S. officials acknowledged that the United States funds although never directly to Ukrainian political parties, but in most cases, funds through Euro-Asia Foundation, this non-government organizations, training of electoral organizations or out of the Forum on Human Rights, part of the funds used to indirectly help Ukraine opposition training organizations and individuals. Non-governmental organizations, including the Soros Foundation, an international Internet information, Freedom House, Eurasia Foundation. This year on May 12, the Russian Federal Security Service Patrushev said in the past two years, the United States and other Western countries through its funding of non-governmental organizations to help Russia and other former Soviet republics of the opposition to go On the streets against the government. He also carried out such an act strongly condemned, it is a sinister intention to weaken Russia's influence in the region.This article from Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the three "color revolution" took place and the "color revolution" after the three countries of the state system, economic development, democratic change, with a view to achieve the "color revolution", Russia and the United States geopolitical rivalry The in-depth study. "Color revolution" is a new round of "peaceful evolution" and "the new Bush doctrine" of the implementation of the "color revolution" is not in the true sense of social revolution, democracy, human rights, freedom to use a "color revolution" instigated the slogan, Not really want to push the country's democratic evolution, and promote the development of the national economy, it does not change the country's basic political system and economic system, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the three "color revolution" did not successfully promote the country's democracy and economy Development, to become only the United States on behalf of political democracy to expand the chain, at the same time put forward a "color revolution" in China and the impact of Enlightenment...
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