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A Study On Public Administration Accountability System Of China

Posted on:2008-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212991053Subject:Administrative Management
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In the modern 21st century democratic society, the government affairs become more complicated and the responsibilities become more important. The government has no longer been the high director, but already turned into the servant facing to the society and the mass, because the administration value had transformed from government standard to the responsibility standard. In China, people are the real host of our country. As the result of the Feudalistic thinking and the political system, the government ignores responsibility and violates people's right. How better to use the right given by people and how better to strive for the welfare of people have been the focuses by thousands attentions.The thesis starts with the Public Administration Accountability System(PAAS), using the literature methodology, the comparison methodology and so on. The study introduces the content of the PAAS, discuss its history and present situation in main China, though the realistic problems and the oversea outstanding experiences, propose an entire set of solution, in order to provide some reference for the advancing development of the PAAS in China.The article is divided into five chapters as following: The first part mainly revolves the core concept — "responsibility", depending on comparing with the similar concepts. In the end of this part, the writer makes the conclusion on the meaning of PAAS from both the theory and the reality levels. The second part discusses the solid foundation of PAAS. namely public authority, narrates its creation, development and important functions, finally summarizes the highest goal of PAAS which is maintaining the public authority and taking people's benefit as government duty. The third part emphasizes the development conditions of PAAS in main China and points out many difficult problems in the process. The forth part generalizes the characteristics and the excellent experiences of PAAS in the West and in China Hong Kong to provide good models for us in the process of carrying out the PAAS. The last part combining our own characteristics, puts forward a series of measures and suggestion directly against the key questions above, which makes the theoretically support for the advancement of the Public Administration Accountability System in main China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Authority, Public Responsibility, Public Administration Accountability System
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