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On The Administration Accountability Of Our Country

Posted on:2009-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360248450357Subject:Administrative Management
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China's administrative accountability system from 2003 "atypical pneumonia" period started, the practice in recent years with the continuous development of accountability, administrative accountability system research has become the focus of attention of the people. This paper summarized in the comprehensive theoretical circles in recent years on the basis of research results, the administrative accountability system will be defined as: a specific accountability for all levels of government and the main civil servants assume the duties and obligations of the situation and the implementation of the non——performance or incorrect fulfill its the responsibilities for the consequences of its commitment to negative behavior. The accountability system includes accountability subject, object, scope, procedures, methods and results. Principle responsibilities include administrative accountability principle of unanimity, statutory principles, the principle of equality, openness principles. The accountability system is the theoretical basis of the social contract, the sovereignty of the people, commissioned——agent theory. Given the accountability and responsibility of government relations, discussed the establishment of the accountability system in the role of government responsibility.Accountability is the practice of administrative accountability system development and improvement of the social infrastructure. In the course of implementing the accountability system for a series of related laws and regulations, the introduction of the paper, so that the accountability system from the very period of extraordinary measures to achieve the institutionalization of the forward and embarked on a systematic. China's administrative accountability system is the development trend: no accountability toward accountability ;from the accountability had to hold inaction; accountability from the accident to the conventional acts; accountability change from the same——body accountability toward differences; accountability from the powers toward accountability system ;from the administrative accountability toward procedures of accountability ;from the executive accountable to democratic accountability.At present, China's administrative accountability system still exist many problems, such as: The accountability main vacancy, and the object fuzzy; administrative accountability scope is too narrow, procedures are not standardized; administrative culture of accountability construction is lagging behind; administrative accountability institutionalized low level. The strengthening of administrative accountability system construction, and ensure the smooth implementation of administrative accountability system for the main measures include: strengthening different body accountability, clear accountability object; expand the scope of accountability, improve accountability procedures; administrative accountability, improve the administrative supervision mechanisms, sound administrative accountability relief system.
Keywords/Search Tags:supervision, administrative accountability, responsible government, different body accountability, the culture of accountability, responsibility
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