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Construction And Consummation Of Administrative Accountability Of Chinese Government

Posted on:2010-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302459444Subject:Administrative Management
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The administrative accountability is put into force by the specific accountability main body which implements in view of the administrative main body and the administration government worker. It is to question and inquiry the fulfillment situation of duty and obligation, even requests to undertake the negativity result activity. The administrative accountability is a concrete system arrangement to realizes our country's democratic politics and the construction of responsible government, and guarantee the advancement of legally administration. Establishes the administrative accountability system, is good to the construction of responsible government and the government by law; it is good to raises a highly effective administrative troop and raises the government management level; it is good to the reform of the cadre system and the"up and down"question; it is good to the reform of our country government's operation pattern and the advancement politics civilization development.Since 2003, although our country government's administrative accountability work has obtained some result, but compared the western country, it still at the start stage and has a series of problems: the accountability main body object is not clear about; the accountability procedure is imperfect; the law flaw related administrative accountability; the societies supervise mechanism is not perfect and the administrative accountability culture lag etc.Since 2008, many accidents occurred frequently in our country, in particular the Shanxi Xiangfen dam burst accident as well as"three deer"babies and infants powdered milk event, enables year 2008 becomes"the administrative accountability year". The construction and the consummation government administration accountability becomes the major issue which urgently waits to be solved in our country government management. Through to the administrative accountability fundamental research, this article inquired into the influence of our country's ancient administrative accountability thought to the current political life and unifies our country's socialist countries nature, in view of the problem of our country government administration accountability, proposed the corresponding countermeasure and the suggestion: clear about the accountability main body, limits the accountability object strictly, establishes the reasonable accountability procedure, perfect the accountability legal framework, remodels the administrative accountability culture, enhance society's supervision function, put forward the feasible proposal to our country government administration accountability construction and the consummation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative accountability, Responsible government, Allograft accountability, Accountability procedures, Administrative culture of accountability
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