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Western Media's Role In Color Revolutions

Posted on:2019-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566485340Subject:International relations
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The earliest Color Revolution took place in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in October 2000,called the "Bulldozer Revolution." The impact of the Color Revolutions wave on the international community cannot be ignored.The purpose of this study is to systematically examine the interactive relationship between Western media and the Orange Revolution on the basis of full reading of relevant literature and materials,to analyze the case of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine from historic perspective and to find the law to explain Western media's role in Color Revolutions.Moreover,this study aims by taking the case of Orange Revolution in Ukraine as an example to answer question how policymakers could handle masses' dependence on media's reports and by taking role of Western media in Ukraine's Orange Revolution as an example to provide an objective assessment of the leading role of Western media in the international community.This study uses two methods to explain the role of Western media in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.The first method is to analyze Western media coverage of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine from the perspective of communication theory while the second method is interview.This study implemented framing theory to analyze Western media's role in Orange Revolution in Ukraine.Samples are France's "Le Figaro",the United States? "The New York Times" and the Italy's "News".This study first examines the basic coverage of the event in each media's reports,and then goes deep into analysis of samples from perspective of framing theory.This study uses structured interview.The researcher interviewed 29 people.All of them are Ukrainians.The interviewees were supporters of the Orange Revolution and decided in November 2004 to join peaceful protests in Maidan Square in Kyiv.This study examines the attitude to and judgement of witnesses about the reports from Western media about the event.
Keywords/Search Tags:Western Media, Color Revolution, Ukraine's Orange Revolution, Influence of Public opinion, Mass Participation
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