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Country Governance Subject Polycentrism

Posted on:2008-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215493154Subject:Administrative Management
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Currently, taking the advantages of the establishment of the "Industry promotesfarming " and "City assists countryside" policy direction ,also the great increase ofgovernment's devotion, the main restrict of our countryside's development is its non-goodgovernance. In order to realize the countryside's harmonious development and impulsenew socialist rural area's construction, we need to set up the new relationship patternbetween government and countryside . And the core of this is to reform grass rootsgovernment's operation , activate countryside's nongovernmental strength . Basing onusing the reasonable connotation of public governance theory , we analyse thepossibility and need of the countryside governance subject's polycentrism under thegovernance pattern of "county governs and countryside rules" .So we consider that newsocialist rural area's construction needs polycentrism. Following this thought, we positiveseek the carriers of countryside's polycentric and put forward several suggestions to theirbehavior warps. Via doing this, we hope that we should follow this route and reach thegood vision of new socialist rural area's construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Country governance, Subject, Polycentrism, Villagers' self-government
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