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Russia's Policy And Reason In The Initial And Later Period Of The Color Revolution

Posted on:2008-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215499794Subject:Political Theory
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This article take Russia's policy and the reason in the initial and laterperiod of the color revolution as the object of study. First, it simply introduced thecolor revolution survey, including its definition, its characteristic, its essence and itsreason. Then it has outlined Russia's policy and the performance in the initial and thelater period of the color revolution. From the outline, We may see because the colorrevolution is for the purpose of weakening the Russian strength, this makes Russia tobe extremely indignant, but as a result of each kind of factor restriction, Russia hasbeen adopted the different policy in the different stage, in the initial period Russiaaccepts low-spirited, then in the later period Russia carries on the moderatecounter-attack; Then it has analyzed the reason of Russia's different policy in theinitial and the later period from many aspects, including Russia, US, Commonwealthof Independent States as well as European Union and so on. Through the analysis, wemay see, in the earlier period, Russia accepts low-spirited, it related with thesefactors: the Russian strength is weak, the American democratization strategy carriesout the stubborn will, the Commonwealth of Independent States color revolutionerupts inevitably as well as the European Union approves color revolution eruptionand so on; But in the later period, Russia carries on the moderate counter-attack, itrelated with these factors: the Russian strength is formidable, US presses on step bystep, the Commonwealth of Independent States color revolution negative effecthighlights as well as European Union does not dare to offend Russia excessively;Then it has carried on the comprehensive appraisal about the Russia's policy inthe color revolution process from the game theory angle, through the analysis, wemay know that, from the initial period, Russia was the loser, but from thelong-term angle, Russia is the final winner; Finally it had forecast the battlecondition of Russia and America in the Commonwealth of Independent States, fromthe overall, they will continue to battle each other, but because they will need eachother, they will be in fights not the broken condition.
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