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The Research On Alternately Develops Between E-Government Affairs And Service-Government Of China

Posted on:2008-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215980535Subject:Administrative Management
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E-government affairs , as the tool which can transform the government function , enhance the administrative achievements and provide public service , is a key content in the current government constructs in our country ; The construction of service government is also the new orientation of the government function reform and system innovation in the new time when our country is construction well-off society comprehensively and speeds up the advancement of society modernization. Regardless of in theory aspect or in practice stratification plane, the development of e-government affairs must take the service government's connotation as the basic request, namely provides a feasible and effective way for our service government's construction. At the same time, the service government's construction is also a dynamic evolution process, its management and the service are directly or indirectly realized through the information system frequently.When public administration enters after the information time, the service government's construction and the development of e-government affairs had unified in together and mutually promoted. The development of e-government affairs, caused the modern government idea, the function, the organization as well as the movement pattern burst out the noticeable social efficiency and the economic value variously, constructed the huge impetus function for the service government. And the service government's construction impels the development and consummation of e-government affairs from the transformation of democratic value, strengthens the personnel ability in study the innovation, promotion the transparency of government affairs and effectively supplies impels.In our country, because the development history of e-government affairs is shorter, and the service government's construction is also just started, therefore, our e-government affairs and the service government also have the idea, the system, the system and the user's ability in the alternately developing process , in the certain degree has restricted alternately levels of development between them. In order to fully displays the function of e-government affairs in servicing citizen, servicing society, utilizes the e-government affairs as the technology method to construct the brand-new service government well, we must enlarge the dynamics of propaganda and education, diligently promotes the government to take the public as the center as the serve idea; we must realize the transform of the government functions, creates a good development space for the citizen, the enterprise and the society through releasing authority reasonably; we must speed up the establishment and the consummation of correlation laws and regulations, the system of appraised achievements in government as well as the system of responsibility investigate in e-government affairs; we must strengthen training and the education, gradually enhances the information technology level of government service personnel and all citizen, thus smoothly carries out to take the e-government affairs as cuts into the spot to open up the new mentality of the administration organizational reform , comprehensively constructs the service government.
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