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The Evolvement Of The Kuomintang's Mainland Policy And The Direction Of The Cross-strait Relation

Posted on:2008-02-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360218450457Subject:Political Theory
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The national unification is the question left over from history of the civil war last century and more outstanding in front of the Chinese people after Hong Kong and Macau returned smoothly back to China. Being the basic policy handling"national unification", Kuomintang's mainland policy is always to affect the relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits as a key factor. During the past fifty years, it experienced four historical periods. Although current Kuomintang is out of the office, its mainland policy still affects the cross-strait relation non-neglected. So rational analyzing and comparing research the Kuomintang's mainland policy by the numbers has the realistic meaning and the learning value for our exploring the realistic way to solve the question of Taiwan and completing the national unification finally.The policy of the part is the protests and opinions of the part about some affairs. The theory of the party is in the person of the basic value views of the part. It exists the dialectic relation between policy and theory of the party. The Kuomintang's mainland policy has experienced the Jiangjieshi period, Jiangjingguo period, Lidenghui period and Lianzhan & Mayingjiu period. It opens out that the mainland policy inherited and developed surrounding the theory of the party. Over passing the comparing research about the periods, it concludes the characteristic and rule of the Kuomintang's mainland policy in each period during its evolvement. And analyzing the cause of the evolvement from the factors of the island inside and outside.The Kuomintang's mainland policy has experienced evolvement and development over 50 years. Surrounding the Kuomintang's mainland policy theory, it went across a flexuous course from inheriting, to developing, to departing and to regress. And this course also affects the relation between two sides of the Taiwan Straits greatly including the active aspect and the passive aspect. These make the cross-strait relation complicated and confusing, being full of variety. Facing the complicated situation, we must have firmly faith and do the jobs about the Taiwan issue in earnest in order to win the advantageous factor and establish the base of the national unification.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kuomintang, Mainland policy, Mainland policy theory, Cross-strait relation
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