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The Second-generation Immigrant Workers' Involution On The Impact Of Our Country's Urbanization

Posted on:2008-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The second-generation immigrant workers become main body of immigrant workers corpus day by day, but appears to differ from a show of their father generation:Have economic type and life type to keep both go out motive, have higher competitive advantage and choose an industry expectation to be worth higher than its father generation, Have the wishes that the mightiness integrates city, and have already become a living consumption habit of incline to the city.These special community characteristics display obvious the trend of involution.Their labor force allocation, society association, culture life, political life appeared obvious involution to turn.But this kind of involution seriously influence the urbanization of our country.This text not only describe the phenomenon of the second-generation immigrant workers' involution, also analyze its reason.Can see from the textual treatise, the second-generation immigrant workers' involution turns to have various reason. From the community inner part analytical, their growth experience and education structure limitted them to expand outwardly and upward;See from community exterior, the existence of the two greatest culturals differences body of the city and village be the history reason, current system arrangement not reasonable is the realistic obstacle which obstructs it to smoothly carry out society fluxion.And the second-generation immigrant workers' involution of have already deeply influenced the urbanization of our country, it make them marginalized, their gathering in the city also make "village in city" hard to remove, the awareness of their rightness and looking forward to better living make the social unfair problem marked, and thrie lack of knowledge technical ability easily make them head for community to commit crime while be subjected to frustrate, become social unsteady latent bane thus, the society associate of the involution and old mode of looking for job also turned worse current "people work Huang" phenomenon.All of these show that the second-generation immigrant workers' involution has already become the stumbling block of our country's urbanization, and have to solve.Currently there are many researches about immigrant workers or the involution theories, but few applies involution theories to the research of the second-generation immigrant workers problem.This article's innovation noticed that the second-generation immigrant workers' difference from their father generation on one hand ,and announced to public on the other hand the existence involution of the this group body, point out the influence that this kind of involution to our country's urbanization.Also turn to constuct two solutions to the second-generation immigrant workers' involution which includes urbanization and new rural construction.This article has a certain reference function for resolving our country's current three agriculture problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:the second-generation immigrant workers, urbanization, involution, new rural construction
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