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Enhancing Township Government: A Case Research Into Constructing Service-Oriented Government

Posted on:2009-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242495481Subject:Public Management
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Service-oriented government is a new type of government administrative idea. There have been a lot of researches and achievements by theorists in the domestic field, but most of these researches are limited to the macro-level, like the whole nation, the province, and the big cities. The researches about the town governments are still weak or blank. The town governments are regarded as the lowest unit among the administrative management system. They not only face the pressure of insufficient financial supply, but also bear political responsibility and social pressure of serving the peasants well, and numerous public management and public service functions. They also play an important role in maintaining the local and whole nation's stability and developing economy. What's more, with the changes of environments of both home and abroad, especially the further deepening reforms of all causes in the countryside, and due to the inherent shortcomings of traditional administration system in the countryside, township governments have found it more difficult to meet the requirements nowadays and become one of the important factors hindering the social causes'development in villages. In that case, the township governments'function transformation is becoming a must-be.From the visual angle of service-oriented government, this thesis set out to analyze and research into the problems facing the reformation of the township government administration system. Part one is an introduction, introducing the problems this thesis is going to deal with, its significance as well as the studying methods and briefly introduces the meaning and background information of"enhancing the township government."Part two theoretically expounds the connotation and characteristics of the service-oriented government, as well as connotation of government function transformation, providing theories for the later analysis and research on the government functions. Part three analyzes the driving forces of township government function transformation in this social revolution, and analyzes the function defects of the"controlling"government and difficulties in the function transformation. Part four sets forth that the township government function types must change from"controlling"to"service-oriented". Firstly, it puts forward the fundamental values of the function transformation. Secondly, it suggests we must carry out system innovation in the transformation. Finally, according to the new circumstances facing the township government, it suggests the function position of the township government in this social transformation. Part five analyzes the three obstacles in the administration, finance and checking systems, providing basis for the route suggestion of the function transformation. Part six takes the practice of Yuxin Town of Zhejiang Province as an example, analyzing its progress and limitations in the progress of enhancing township government and constructing service-oriented government. Part seven suggests that enhancing the township government is an effective approach to building a service-oriented government, based on the conclusion of the example analysis. The function transformation can be carried out by breaking the obstacles of administration system, innovating the finance system and reforming the checking system.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, township government, function transformation, enhancing township government power
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