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Function Transformation Of Township Government And Construction Of Public Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2009-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H C LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245480620Subject:Foreign political system
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With the advancement of industrialization, marketization and urbanization, the imbalance between urban and rural development has become more and more serious. At present, as the basic rural political power, the township government in undeveloped area has a relatively weak public service function, which can not meet the publics' demand for education, health and social insurance. The issue how to transform the township government function and to construct a public service-oriented government has caused wide public concern.Taking Yuyuan Township as a research case, this paper had an investigation and discussion on the issue of township government function transformation and construction of public service-oriented government. Firstly, the author introduced and reviewed the basic condition and the function transformation history in Yuyuan township. Secondly he investigated what achievement Yuyuan government has achieved and the main problems in the process of constructing a public service-oriented government, and then he analyzed the reasons for the problem. From the practice of China's township administrative system reform and government functional transformation, the author proposed some strategies for constructing such a service-oriented government: to treat the relationship between economic development and public service, to accelerate urbanization, to transfer surplus labor force in rural areas, to promote rural cadres' service awareness, to construct a public service-oriented government performance appraisal system. The financial department at a higher level shall increase the transfer payment for the undeveloped area; the government of undeveloped town shall also seize the opportunity to adapt itself to the surrounding developed area and to attract more enterprises with its advantage of low labor cost, as a result, great-leap-forward development can be realized in undeveloped area.
Keywords/Search Tags:township, undeveloped area, public service-oriented government, Yuyuan township
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