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Research About China's E-government Development Orientation

Posted on:2009-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ShaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242998201Subject:Administrative Management
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With network Society development, Self own goes through e-government becoming a lot of countrys and regions of the world government grail and focal point paying close attention to. The e-government nature is to apply advanced IT to carry out the all-round optimization on now available administrative system , government framework of organization and the technological process working and to reform innovation, better, to provide entire society with high-effect high grade , transparent and all-direction standard administration and serve. But as a result of our country regarding E-government's understanding existence deviation, not have the long-term consideration E-government's localization, caused to have many problems in E-government's developing process. Therefore the main body of the book have been in progress to the request allocation that government structure reforms to e-government combining with new common administration studying.The e-government concept and development background the main body of a book has been discussed first; And then have discussed the e-government history in our country, accomplishment and have problem getting; Suggest that based on abroad development experience in combination with the request that our country government reforms afterwards, allocation problem that development of e-government of our country asks to finish processing e-government first, only when working out long-term development targets , changing concept , ability completely makes e-government bring bigger effect into play in our country. Full text includes four parts altogether:The first part is to the E-government basic question outline. First has studied E-government's production background and the development agent, afterward summarized E-government's scientific connotation. Finally I elaborated the construction E-government's significance. The second part elaborated the E-government in our country's state of play. First I reviewed the E-government in our country each stage state of play. Then constructed the achievement which to our country E-government obtained to carry on the summary. Middle finally constructed the question which from five aspects to our country E-government appeared to carry on the analysis.The third part the localization question which developed to our country E-government has carried on the analysis. Through carries on the summary as well as our country to the overseas developed country's development experience the experience which summarizes unceasingly in the middle of E-government's developing process, unifies the new public administration to reform to Our country Government set speeds up the government management innovation which, to further transform the government only to be able the request, proposes our country E-government's development to with the government management innovation team studies, communal development; Must grasp E-government's development direction macroscopically.The fourth part proposed our country E-government constructs five aspect measures which should adopt: 1st, the enhancement understanding, presses the organizational reform unified plan by the E-government; 2nd, the conformity resources, strengthen construct Canada; 3rd, the strong legislation, establishes the standard; 4th, accomplishes a high quality the official troop, provides the talented person for E-government's development to guarantee; 5th, reduces"the digital divider"diligently.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-government, Government institutional reform, Orientation analysis
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