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The Trilateral Cooperation Of China-India-Russia From Geopolitics Perspective

Posted on:2009-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At the beginning of new century,the Eurasian continent,centre of the world stage,are taking place great change. China and India with ancient civilizations are rising and Russia is restoring past glory. At the same time,relations among these three major powers are gradually warming. China,India and Russia possess large population and abundant resources and these three powers develop quickly. With the rapid rise of three countries'international status and influence their any cooperation will inevitably lead to a global attention. In 2005,the fourth meeting of three foreign ministers has ever attracted global attention. Therefore,the meeting of their state heads in the G8 summit led to more international concern.Indeed,China-India-Russia have huge cooperation potentialities. Their cooperation is of great significance to their own development and the peace of the whole world. Geopolitics is the basic point of the trilateral cooperation. The paper analyses the advantages and disadvantages of the trilateral cooperation from geopolitics perspective.The full text is divided into four parts:PartⅠdefines the concept of geopolitics and expounds the current situations of the trilateral cooperation among China,India and Russia. The term"geopolitics"was raised for a long time,but there is no agreement about its definition yet. The paper defines geopolitics as geopolitical reality that can be divided into three levels. Then, the paper summarizes the character of geopolitics. As for the current situation of the trilateral cooperation,political relations develop well and three countries have established a mechanism for various meetings. The progress they have made are gratifying;Economic cooperation is still inadequate although three countries have great cooperation potential;In military aspects there is a serious imbalance tendency between Russia-China and Russia-India;In culture field three countries lack understanding,so they begin to develop cultural exchange in recent years.PartⅡanalyses the favorable factors of the trilateral cooperation among China-India-Russia from the geopolitics perspective. Geopolitical factors play an important role in the national interests,national security and national strategies,even they can influence the country's political decision. "Any political issues will be up to the results of the inspection to natural characteristics." The territory of the three countries connects each other,so they have common geopolitical interests. The rule of geopolitical interests doubling tells us:if two neighboring countries (especially tow powers) are friendly,the benefits they gain will be double than those distant countries do. On the contrary,if two countries are hostile one another,that will bring double disaster. The cooperation of China-India-Russia is the results of seeking their own geopolitical interests and promoting by external geopolitical factors,such as,the similar geopolitical characteristics,the geo-economic cooperation(esp. energy),common anti-terrorism demands,common geopolitical aspirations in Central Asian,the squeezing of United States,etc.PartⅢanalyses the factors that constraint the trilateral cooperation of China-India-Russia. Although three countries have many common interests and cooperation in demand,it is also inevitable that they will encounter many difficulties. First of all,the three countries can not fully trust each other. There is still suspicion and alert among them. Secondly, the development of trilateral relations is subject to the constraints of bilateral relations. the Sino-Indian relations is the most vulnerable among triangle circle,which leads that the trilateral cooperation can not carry out smoothly. Thirdly,trilateral cooperation among China,India and Russia will be influenced by many external factors. Particularly the United States did its best to belittle the possibility of trilateral cooperation,exaggerate the three countries'contradictions and prevent them to approach each other. The three countries'territories links together,but their political and economic centers were far apart and separated by the topography,this special geographical environment restricts the trilateral cooperation among China,India and Russia.Part IV discusses the future of the trilateral cooperation. The leaders of three countries has repeatedly stressed that the trilateral cooperation is not directed against third country,so it is almost impossible for three countries to form an alliance. According to Keohane's theory, three countries have cooperation motivation,so it is possible for them to cooperate. However, the trilateral cooperation can not get along well,they will run into many difficulties including internal contradictions and external pressures. Therefore , the cooperation of China-Indian-Russian is a long-term task. It may change in future.Finally, some measures to China are put forward. In order to gain most interests in the trilateral cooperation,China must participate actively into the cooperation at first. China should improve relations with India and take various measures to expand the common interests of the three countries to promote mutual trust and cooperation. Thus,China can get a good environment and make sure to develop peacefully.
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