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Analysis On The Basis Of Chinese Administrative Accountability System

Posted on:2009-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245968483Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Presently, China is in a critical stage of social transformation, and transformation of the accessories of all kinds of systems and mechanisms have not perfect and sound, the public power and the lack of an effective monitoring constraints, the abuse of power will have a breeding and the spread of the soil. Abuse of power is not only shaken the legitimacy of executive power, its direct harm is against the public interest, the collapse of the basis for the existence of power. Establish a sound and effective system of accountability, the powers of the regular and effective supervision and control, government officials in China to fill the political responsibility and moral responsibility not to be long-term supervision of the blank, which is conducive to consolidating the party's leadership core of the re - Plastic image of the Government, the Civil Service Optimization, close relations between cadres and masses has a positive meaning.Objectively speaking, the accountability system is a product of Western political civilization, has gone through a very long historical period of accountability practice, and administrative accountability in the political system of Western countries formed a relatively complete system. It can be effective under the public power system under the supervision of investigating the behavior caused by the negative consequences of the use of power to urge the Government in the process of maximizing the effectiveness and reduce the harm to the public interest. Therefore, how to build a line with the characteristics of China's administrative accountability system has become imminent.Analysis of China's administrative accountability system is based on the theoretical work closely with the needs of the practice, clarifying the basis of the constituent elements, the system can be founded Construction, the accountability of law, the administrative supervision of the people targeted. Clear our administrative accountability system to test not only the basis of the existing administrative accountability theory with the new era of reform and the building of political civilization, but also to make administrative accountability, orderly, healthy, effective operation, to oversee the regulation and discipline of the administrative staff, so that the staff can truly aware that "there must be the right to select the right to the supervision, and compensation for infringement to" truth. To enable them a high degree of sense of honor and responsibility, dedicated service, a sense of the work, and fundamentally get rid of the administrative areas used some "official position" and "not as" to increase the efficiency of the work of the executive branch and service levels.Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to straighten out our administrative accountability system the foundation for building this system through clarifying the elements of their composition and function to illustrate China's administrative system of accountability should be on the basis of how legitimate, benign, effective operation to realize his supervision, regulation and disciplinary accountability object target. Any theoretical system is built on a certain basis, as a guide our administrative accountability system of the theory of building is no exception. Only when we fully understand the basis of which it can take hold of the laws, we can ensure that the theory is scientific, and can ensure that our system design is reasonable, it can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sides, so that a system has been perfect.
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