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The Problems Existing In The Administrative Accountability System In Our Country And The Countermeasures Research

Posted on:2013-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395488090Subject:The constitution and administrative law
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From the beginning of SARS in2003, the administrative accountability has beenwidely used in the field of government management. The central and localgovernments have introduced norms of administrative accountability laws andregulations, to highlight for government incorrupt behavior responsible for the basicrequirements, but also reflects the "heart" and " for the people, the power used for thepeople, for the benefit of seeking" the basic behavior criterion. However, as theadministrative accountability system current situation of development and changes,especially in the special fields and be accountable officials to come back on the issue,the administrative accountability system is not perfect, resulting in administrativeaccountability "have ask have responsibility", official comeback road bumpy. In orderto realize the value orientation of administrative accountability, safeguard the interestsof the people. The author is aimed at improving the administrative responsibility ofthe basic system thinking, consider that: the administrative accountability system needto be combined with the actual sound, especially in the main body of administrativeaccountability, administrative accountability, administrative accountability proceduresin the accountability of officials back problems.This paper mainly adopts the practice analysis and the method of comparativeanalysis. First of all to the administrative accountability definition, connotation,significance, theoretical system to do a brief analysis. Followed by the administrativeaccountability system abroad and domestic provinces and municipalities constructionadministrative accountability practice to compare and draw lessons from, and on thisbasis to study foreign administrative accountability of successful experience ofChinese administrative accountability system characteristics and the existingproblems. Finally, analysis of China’s administrative accountability system the mainproblems and put forward a sound administrative accountability measures.The first part of this paper, mainly through the analysis of the basic theory ofadministrative accountability. Based on the definition, connotation, significance of theadministrative accountability system is introduced for the analysis of administrativeaccountability, the main problem to pave the way. Based on the connotation and significance of specific introduction, allowing readers to see clearly the administrativeaccountability system in the field of public administration an important role, but alsorequires us to give full attention to improve the administrative accountability systemand the necessity and significance of.The second part of this paper, through the overseas administrative accountabilitysystem is briefly introduced and the representative area of administrativeaccountability practice present situation are introduced and summarized, in search ofour administrative accountability system can draw lessons from the advanced place,combine our country national condition, for us to explore and establish a nationaladministrative accountability system to lay the foundation.In the third part, through to the domestic provinces and cities of administrativeaccountability measures regulation analysis, looking for the building of theadministrative accountability system in the existing problems, and analyze the mainreason of the problem, put forward suggestions and provide the basis for thefollowing.The fourth part is the key part of this paper, combining the three parts of theanalysis and Study on the administrative accountability system, from the basic theoryand practical problems of the administrative accountability system, improve thetentative idea. Mainly through the following three aspects: first, clear construction ofadministrative accountability subjects of refinement, to strengthen the administrativeaccountability system subject construction. In second, to improve the administrativeaccountability system of procedure construction, attention should be paid to procedurein administrative accountability in order guarantee function. Third, determine theadministrative accountability system is not applicable to the administrativeaccountability and responsibility, make specific provisions. Fourth, ensure theaccountability of officials of the comeback road. For the accountability of officialsfrom Constructing Institutional framework.
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