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A Study On Construction Of The CPC's Inner-party Democracy

Posted on:2009-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245995039Subject:Subject community and the international communist movement
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Inner-Party democracy is the life-blood of the Party. The inner-Party democracy is the key content of the Party's construction and development. To develop the inner-Party democracy is the choice of the Party responding to the challenge from the development and change of the time, and it is also the requirement to the Party's development. The building and perfecting of the CPC which is in the saddle is the key power to push the development of the People's Republic of China. The development and construction of the inner-Party democracy undoubtedly plays an important role in the development of the PRC, especially has direct effect to promote the development of socialist democracy and political civilization. Currently there are still some problems in the construction of the inner-party democracy of the CPC, which block the function of the CPC and the development of socialist democracy seriously. Therefore it is important and exigent to analyze and research the problems existing in the inner-Party democracy and study the measures to solve them in terms of the practice.There are four parts in the preface of the paper. The first is about the raise of the question. The importance and urgency of the inner-Party democracy is instroducted in this part. The second part is the literature review about the inner-Party democracy. The research results are summarized in the part. The third one is about the research thread and methods in the paper. In the fourth the characteristics and shortages of the paper are summarized.The basic theories of inner-party democracy are summarized in Chapter 1. The author collects different definintions of inner-party democracy from the local scholars. And then the author educes her definition of inner-party democracy. On base of this, the author analyzes the basic principles of inner-party democracy and some terms which are related to inner-party democracy: democracy, democracy centralism, people's democracy, demmocratic style, direct democracy and indirect democracy. The analysis helps comprehend the definintion of inner-party democracy and makes preparation for the following research. The history of the development and inspiration of the inner-Party democracy is summarized systematically in Chapter 2. It deals with the practical course and experience of the inner-Party democracy in the last eighty years. Then the author summarizes the universal law and the furure direction of the construction of the inner-Party democracy.The problems current existing in the inner-Party democracy are dicussed in Chapter 3. The first problem is that democratic consciousness of the Party's members is weak. The second is that democratic rights of the Party's members are not well protected. The third is to discuss some faults in the Party's democractic decision-making system. The fourth is the weak function of the CPC's Convention and its Committees. The fifth is the distemperedness of the Party's democratic election system. The last one is the faultiness of the Party's democratic supervision system.The thread and measures to develop the inner-Party democracy are studied in Chapter 4. The chapter is based on the analysis of problems existing in the inner-Party democracy and the practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Communist Party of China(the CPC), the inner-Party democracy, democratic rights, democratic system
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