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The Impact Of Village Cadres Dual Agency Relationship's Change On Villager Autonomy

Posted on:2009-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the implementation process of Villager autonomy, there were a great many problems. One of them is the village cadres' double-agent problem. In legal terms, the village committee is the agent of the villagers. But in practical work, the village committee should accept the Government's "guidance" to complete the assigned tasks. Therefore the relation of government village cadres and villagers become the common agent. There is a problem that when villagers and the township commission are mutual conflict, village cadres had to choose: subordinate to the government instructions or lead the peasants to protect their own interests. The reality, after long-term game of three parts, village and township cadres eventually formed a balance of interests Community, together against the interests of the villagers.After rural tax and fee reform and the building of the new rural areas slogan raised, the contradictions between villagers and government greatly alleviated, the town government and village cadres of the functions and tasks has also undergone a transfer. But due to economic reform and political reform are not synchronized, reform has strengthened the government control of the village cadres, making village showing a new political trends and characteristics .The rural society's contradictions because the transition, leading to two commission chain mutually extruded. To some extent exacerbated the current chaos in the village governance.Based on the history of China's rural governance ,I focus on China's rural autonomy in the village cadres' double agent perspective, use common agent model to find the difference between before and after the reform of taxes and fees in the characters of double agent relations. Then find the contradictions in rural areas governance. At last we will discover how the changes of dual agency relationship influence the characters of interests Community. And Present our proposals.
Keywords/Search Tags:double agent, villager autonomy, interests of rural communities
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