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"Superstition" And The Building Of New Socialist Countryside

Posted on:2009-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"New Countryside" is not a new concept. In 1956, the Chinese Government had put forward the goal of building new countryside,but the goal was not included in the government's work agenda. It was not until the party's Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th that the horn of building a new socialist countryside was sounded. Then the goal was regarded as one part of the major work of the Government. This is an innovation about the general idea of solving "three rural" issue in previous stage. It has changed from the past when the solution to the "three rural" issue was seeked out of rural areas. It embodies a positive attitude of our state towards the "three rural" issue. It also symbolizes a fundamental shift of China's rural policy ,that is, from "the eradication of rural areas" to "construction in rural areas." The building of new countryside in Sigai village has a good beginning. In order to fundamentally improve the level of the building of new countryside in Sigai village, we must now correctly face all the existent problems in Sigai village including "superstition"."Superstition" is not a new thing. It now exists in all societies so far. The scope of "superstition" quoted in the title of this article includes belief which removes the orthodox religious belief, that is,folk belief, or else the "superstition" as people often say. Folk belief in Sigai village can be divided into categories of traditional secular belief,divine belief,taboo belief, sacrificial offering belief, human body function belief,such as several categories. Activities of folk belief in Sigai village have distinct characteristics:the motive for stepping onto "superstition" road is complex; the main believers are those in middle and old age and women;folk belief is favourable to embody more positive function of building a harmonious society; and so on.Activities of folk belief have a positive impact on the building of new countryside: activities of folk belief can create a conducive environment for building new countryside; can push forward "production and development",and make rural economy prosper;can promote "wind of ruralcivilization",and enrich the cultural life in rural areas. At the same time, activities of folk belief also have negative impact on the building of new countryside: "waste" resources,and internally consume a lot of conditions favouring "production and development"; give rise to religious forces ,and jeopardize the development of rural economy; weaken the ability to regulate and control in rural grass-roots; make society " vulgar " but not "civilization"; harm the rural social order; harm the cause of rural education and cultural development,and is not conducive to improving farmers' scientific and cultural quality; undermine the social atmosphere; can do spiritual comfort and psychological self-defense, but only for a short period of surface phenomenon, and so on.The reasons for the existent phenomenon of "superstition" in Sigai village are various. There are not only historical, social, personal reasons,but also policy reasons and "superstition" by reason of itself.We should treat scientifically,clearly define,and actively guide "superstition" so as to play its favourable role in building new countryside: In accordance with the requirements of building new countryside, optimize the content of folk belief; promote folk belief in the positive factors and guide the broad masses of believers to join the new rural construction; properly resolve and deal with civil conflicts and problems relating to folk belief,and guide believers to promote rural democracy and legal system construction;carry out comprehensive work to change social custom,and achieve changes of farmers' lifestyle. At the same time,we should increase the management and scientifically standardize "superstition" in order to limit unfavourable influence on the building of new countryside: vigorously develop the rural economy,promote anti-poverty process,and clear out the soil of "superstition"; perfect basic level of political power-building, and strengthen "superstition" management; conduct to build spiritual civilization, and create a environment of healthy faith; perfect the social security of countryside ,and resist ideological infiltratio concerned with "superstition"; effectively solve fanners' real-life difficulties and problems;work hard to create a good propaganda and cultural environment, and strengthen rural culture construction. Consequently,we can control "superstition" scientifically and effectively ,thus promote the building of new socialist countryside.
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