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The Political And Ecological Construcyion Of China Under Color Revolutions' Warning

Posted on:2011-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305968063Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Following the United States to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe conducted "peaceful evolution" successfully in the last century, they used the introduction of a new intervention techniques "promote democracy" as a strategic slogan recently in order to expand their hegemony, launch a new round of peace in the evolution of offensive, promote Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and other countries broke out "color revolution" one by one, and have established a "pro-American" regimes successfully. This paper argues that "new wave of peaceful evolution"is the essence of "color revolution". After analysising the "color revolutions" systematic cause of the outbreak, the link China's status quo, proposed to vigorously strengthen the building of our country's political environment.Indeed, China's political environment construction is a grand systems engineering. Political and ecological system by the political inter system of ecological, political-social ecology and political-social-natural ecology which composed of three levels. The balance of political and ecological system is a favorable operating of these three systems. Among them, the political-social ecological systems contains the political and economic ecological subsystem, the political and regime ecological subsystem, the political and cultural ecological subsystem, the political and social ecological subsystem. This paper's task is not to describe the panorama of political ecological construction, but under the background of "color revolution" cause of the outbreak as to explore the ecological construction in China's political parties and the realization of a socialist harmonious society as a long-term goals. Paper in order to achieve sustainable economic development, and curb the spread of corruption of power, correctly handle ethnic relations and the strengthening the building of the mainstream ideology. These four aspects is the main line, in the economic, political, cultural, social different areas, concentrating on strengthening China's political ecology building to enable the political-social ecological system to achieve a balance. On the one hand, these four aspects is the important part of the building political environment; the other hand, the existence of these four issues is also the important reasons for the outbreak the revolution in the country of "color revolution".Under the globalization of today, we should be soberly aware that:China is not only faced with "Westernization" and "division" and other external threats, but also highlighted the internal contradictions of society in a society in transition, there are also a potential threat. Therefore, the in-depth study of the "color revolution" and the "color revolution" warning under the ecological construction in China's political analysis of a number of issues, it has important theoretical significance and practical significance to the consolidation of the western border of our country's security and to build a socialist harmonious society.
Keywords/Search Tags:color revolution, peaceful evolution, political ecology, harmonious society
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