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Research On Enhancing Service Function Of Government Web Sites

Posted on:2010-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Human society forward to the information society at the same time, in the political sphere is the most obvious changes in the rise of e-government. The evolution of information society will have a large number of emerging social affairs, the rate of increase in government management, as well as the uncertainty, this is for the improvement and deepening of e-government provides an opportunity for government services, government services and to promote a qualitative change. At the national level, information-based relationship has been characterized as the overall modernization of the strategic initiatives, the future of e-government is still a very long period of time the focus of the work of information, and the Government E-government website as a service platform to provide various functions for the public service formally at all levels of government is the progressive development and strengthening of the area. At the same time, the continuous development of e-government will promote change in the administration system for the integrated structure of the division to provide the protection of government departments, the most obvious is a positive breakthrough in the construction and application of the Government portal, one of the most powerful means of construction is the direct web service capabilities.This paper attempts from the web service capabilities from concept and features, through an analysis of the current Government of our country and abroad service capabilities of the web and found that the Chinese Government Services Web site questions the existence of capacity-building, which summarized the relevant recommendations of the strategy, and effectively strengthen our country the capacity of government web sites.This article is divided into four major parts:The first part of web services capabilities as outlined in the Government With time, the government has taken place in the nature of the service changes, the norms from the past, rigid and slow to become the Service is now interactive, personalized and efficient service. And construction of today's service-oriented government is committed to the governments of the world by the direction of the development of the construction. Government Services website belong to the part of government services, only to enhance the capacity of government web sites in order to promote the establishment of a service-oriented government. Government web sites are community-oriented e-government management and service of a window in the construction of e-government are an important part. So by increasing the capacity of government web sites to enhance the capacity of government services, the two complement each other. This part of web services from the start the concept of capacity, the Government introduce the definition of web services and composition of web services capabilities as well as the significance and characteristics.The second part of the current capacity of the Government Services website the current status and problemsAfter the first years of the beginning of this century the rapid development of our country the Government of the construction site has been important progress has been made, the national system of government the basic web form, e-government information public job step by step, the number of online public services increasing interaction with the public section obvious effect, the Government of the website construction, operation and maintenance and management levels increased across the board. It can be said that China's Government Services Web site construction has been made gratifying progress. But taking an overview of the overall situation, in-depth understanding and analysis of local governments across the country after the website is still found a lot of questions, it is worth our study and explore in depth. This part of the main portal from the Government of our country's overall development and the local provincial government into the development of the website current capacity of the Government Services website rich in content and administration, and gradually improve the convenience of service, on-line web services act as a government, such as a major feature of the status quo and the face of low public satisfaction, uneven regional development, public information is not comprehensive enough, the complexity of columns, not enough resources, public participation result is not satisfactory, the lack of online capfunction, operational issues such as mechanisms for sound not enough.The third part of the capacity of foreign government service web experience and enlightenmentCompared to China's government web sites, government web sites outside the development will be relatively sophisticated. European and American countries such as the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Asian and African countries such as Singapore, Korea, South Africa, Egypt and so on. One of the United States, Britain, France, Singapore, Canada and Australia are in the web services of the National Bureau leader. At present, governments have website information is no longer a simple release, but the public services and enterprises, and pay attention to the relevant government department portal site Driven construction site. This part mainly in the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, for example, introduction of these countries the Government Services web capabilities, which are summarized in these countries the capacity of the Government Services website in the development of the revelation given to our country as well as the National Government in the development of web experiences and lessons, and then look to the future government websites and e-government services trends.The fourth part of web services to enhance the capacity of the Government StrategyStrengthen the government's direct service portal capabilities, both the Government of the important areas of information, but also for the reform and management innovation an important part of the job. Especially in the long-term control by the government to a service-oriented government transition process, the job is even more significant. Through the first three parts of the analysis and research, combined with the Government of our country is now the development of web services capabilities, summed up eight measures to strengthen China's function to service the Government website.
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