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The Legalization Of Administration Accountability In China

Posted on:2010-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Started in the 1920s,the government administration accountability model developed rapidly in western countries and created a set of relatively mature and scientific accountability theory.The administration accountability system in western countries peremptory become an important legal system.In 2003, with China's massive outbreak of SARS epidemic, "administration accountability" is a word in a rapidly the storm.Accountability consciousness not only start and public servants to a huge impact ideas.The administration accountability this concept in our country civil servants and all public speaking is a new name,In such a system, but also a kind of brand-new system.How to correctly understand, how to effectively implement is accountability development must face problems. Apparently through the form of law to explain that is the most authoritative.For a new system of China, the law of the unity, yet the birth of a new system of interpretation and determine must pass a long and difficult process, our accountability is still in the early stage.Based on the special conditions in China, and accountability in the establishment and development of the Chinese law only following conditions can be true.In all the discussion and study, accountability legalization construction is the fundamentality of accountability.A system can effectively implement and play system itself can support of legal action.Law is the most effective guarantee system.In the development of accountability laws on the road to rise to legal accountability laws to protect, with the implementation of accountability has become the key to the development of accountability.Accountability laws get perfect, accountability and have no basis. Accountability also cannot ask.Our administration accountability system for the study of the late start, formally began in 2003 should "SARS".Any kind of system establishment must based upon the basic conditions and the actual situation,so our accountability construction can be copied without the pattern, also can not directly to the law.The administration accountability system for China is a new system.This means that the implementation of accountability temporarily haven't a unified standardsHow to play the role, the key is system of the most fundamental step is to combine the system legalization.Let system in the process of implementing work.How to take accountability in the form of law is fixed at present accountability construction process, is also the first to solve the effective implementation of accountability to play the role of the real key.Based on the administration accountability system is the legalization of this topic research,on the analysis of current situation is proposed on the basis of some personal views and ideas.This paper from five aspects.The first part is the introduction.In China emphatically analyzes the legal administration accountability system establishment background,enumerate typical of the event and the years in the central region and the relevant administration accountability system of laws and regulations.The second part is the administration accountability system is analyzed and the legalization.Through the accountability to the elements that the concept of accountability and collect enumerated several typical scholar of accountability for righteousness.On the basis of the concept of analysis, from the analysis of the constitution, administrative law, local regulations and accountability of legal basis.The third part is the administration accountability system to analyze the necessity of legalization.Analysis from four aspects:The first is the administration accountability legal regulating administrative functions and powers, is the essence of transformation of government functions.The second is the legal administration accountability system is an important guarantee for the achievement of citizens' rights.The third is the administration accountability system is constructing legal administration according to law, rule of law is the inevitable requirement of the government.The fourth is the administration accountability legalization is broken traditional ideas, strengthen official responsibility consciousness of booster. The fourth part of accountability is legal analysis.Including the achievements and problems of.Results mainly from two aspects:One's achievements. The central place and included.Second is the present legal administration accountability.There are three main features: one is the party and government have given high attention and support.Second is the place of the regulations on administrative accountability and promote legalization plays the role.Three is accountability of more widely.On the analysis of the existing prominent problems from legislation, elements, procedures, and relief for seven aspects, and expounds several typical case analysis.The fifth part is to perfect accountability legalization of five countermeasures: one is to think of the people as soon as possible through the administration accountability act that elements of accountability in the legal aspects of strong effective guarantee on;the second is to realize the information publicity;the third isencourage regions have their respective characteristics for the administration accountability laws;the fourth is to strengthen the sense of responsibility, government officials raised the citizen consciousness of accountability;the fifth is the perfect relevant supporting laws.
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