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The Legislation Research On Aadministritive Accountability In China

Posted on:2012-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368991315Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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2002 Hong Kong official accountability system into people's vision, then in 2003 in mainland area happened "SARS" event that triggered by taking the former mayor of Beijing, and the former health minister zhang wenkang MengXueNong represented a large central and local officials were accountability events, touches the officials and the public nerves, marks the administration accountability system was born. In recent years, our country since the central to local, widely was lifted "administration accountability" boom, especially the 2008 with "melamine events" as a representative of accountability storm, can be "accountability years". Time "administration accountability" has become the news media, major newspapers and magazines focus and hot. Meanwhile administration accountability system become China's new political system reform window.Any a system, want to pass produce, inoculation, development and mature process, after the test of practice. The administration accountability system in our country after nine years of practice and development, gradually becomes perfect and mature. The administration accountability system is the product of western political parties, the administration accountability system in China, though developing fast, but start later, is in long-term exploration stage, or a new things. In practice, there are some problems to all these problems should be taken seriously. This paper is to resolve the administration accountability system in practice for the construction of the problems and government ruled by law, the responsibility of the government, the service government for purpose, from the legislation of the view of system.This paper is divided into five parts:The first part elaborated on China's administration accountability system theory research, including the basic concept of the administration accountability, theoretical basis and principle; The second part of the western developed countries are mainly introduced in administration accountability system and the Hong Kong special administrative region official accountability, and their administration accountability system of our country have affected and revelation; The third part analyzes our country to the current administration accountability from the legislation of legislation, manifestation and the legislative defect two aspects; The fourth part is to our country administration accountability system legislation is discussed, the necessity of solving legislative defect, from the need to improve the legal system, mismatching consistent need, transformation of government functions need, and the international community needs four aspects analyzes the necessity; The fifth part introduces how to perfect our country administration accountability system construction of legislation, including making an "administration accountability act, establishing a scientific and complete supervision mechanism, establish and perfect the administrative accountability mechanism, build our country administration accountability culture atmosphere. Combining with practice, which will return China's official mentioned "peek-a-boo" problem.
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