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Research Of The Problems And Countermeasures In Chinese Administration Accountability System In The Current

Posted on:2012-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330338962873Subject:Public Management
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As a modern administrative institution, administrative accountability system could effectively regulate and limit government power. Having received unprecedented attention, administrative accountability system, more and more people argued, needs to be institutionalized in our country. In this background, it is of both theoretical and practical significance to comprehensively analyze the administrative accountability system.Administrative accountability has a long history in China; especially, initiative thoughts on administrative accountability could be found in many ancient administrative institutional design and practice. The classical documentation also gave a large number of cases. But, these are just autarchic institutions in feudal society, which are very different from those in modern democratic society, in that the feudal autarchic administrative accountability less institutionalization, low standardization and weak dependence on practical evidence. On the other hand, administrative accountability has its theoretical root in western political thoughts, including popular sovereignty theory, agent theory, social contract theory, public choice theory, transaction cost theory and good governance theory.With the progress of modern democracy, many scholars have made great contribution to the study of theory, approach and emphasis on administrative accountability, which have, though not vey systematically and practically, changed and better the culture and practice of accountability in our country. Since the accountability furor in 2003, our country has made significant progress in the practice of administrative accountability system, from central to local level. However, there is still a long way to go in establishing administrative accountability system, in terms of the ideal and practice of administrative accountability system in modern Western world, the people's expectation in the new era, and the goals of democratic politics and accountable government. There are several problems in establishing administrative accountability system, including the imperfection and weakness in relevant laws and regulations, social environment, system and institutions, defining the object and subject, the scope of accountability, and procedural construction. However, there are some successful reforms and practice in local government, which would be helpful experience for establishing administrative accountability system. For example, through the practice in improving accountability mechanisms and environments and emphasizing important spheres, Jinan city has developed an accountability model with citizen service hotline as an effective means based on it's The Assessment and Evaluation System for Scientific Development.Using comparative, empirical, literature and systematic analysis methods, this paper starts with the definition and history of accountability, followed by analyzing the theoretical basis and contemporary studies—domestic and abroad—of accountability system. On this basis, this paper points out the six main problems in establishing accountability system and summarizes the practice and practical significance in Jinan City. It is argued that establishing accountability system should focus on the three aspects:foster environment, better mechanisms and improve elements. While fostering environment is the social-cultural basis and external guarantee, bettering mechanisms is the legal and institutional basis and fundamental approach, and improving elements is the practical basis and inevitable means. Only through the mutual and combined functions of all the three aspects, could the modern accountability system be established in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative accountability system, the ideal of accountability, practice of accountability
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