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Explore On The Development Of The Civil Servants Abilities-in The Context Of The Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2010-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275498107Subject:Administrative Management
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Service-type government is a new theory of the West theory world in 1980s to the drawbacks of Marx Weber's bureaucrat organization theory and the traditional control government. It has become common choice of the governments of various countries. What it pursues is to realize public interest, the essence of which gives it such base qualities as rights bases, service-oriented, equality, justice, public responsibility , flexible management and so on .The vitality of the government is based on civil servants'being smart ,capable and proactive. Their ability and skill directly determine the level of the government's administrative efficiency and service quality.In recent years, China's civil servants have gained in many effective experiences in the transition from "construction-type government" to "service-oriented government". Meanwhile, many problems are exposed such as conflictions between cadres and masses, citizens'lower satisfaction with the government and civil servants'increasing a variety of psychological pressure, confusion, imbalance in work .All these have resulted in a civil servants'group that can't meet the requirements of the current situation ,which have influenced the policy effectiveness and public image of the service-oriented government .Therefore ,it's very important to develop all kinds of abilities of the civil servants under the guidance of the service ideals.This article is to make a theoretical discussion on the issue of how to develop the abilities of the civil servants, through the field research and has made a scientific, objective appraisal and analysis on today's ability adapting condition of the civil servants to the service-oriented government. At the same time ,it has combed the official ability development's ways and methods , profiting from human resources development theory and practice of China's and West Governments'departments ,and put forward a "civil service ability of the seven-dimensional" framework in line with the service-oriented government...
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, civil servants, the seven-dimensional ability, exploitation
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