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Research On The Public Service Function Of County-level Government In China Under The Background Of Harmonious Society

Posted on:2010-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A harmonious society is a society full of creative vitality, in which the relationship among the interests of all parties is effectively coordinated, and social management system is continuously innovated and perfected. It is a stable and order society, in which the public are able to enjoy the achievements of civilization and social development and people's interests can be expressed and realized. With the development of Chinese economy and the increasing demand for local public, the public service capacity of county government meets some new challenges. The conflict that the public demand for all-round growth and public goods are seriously lacking becomes prominent in the new stage of reformation. It becomes the main task of governments at all levels to strengthen the public service functions in order to meet people's requirements for public goods.County government, as a county-level institution, is an extension of the grass-roots level of the state administrative system. Government at the county level is a intermediary link between urban and rural areas, industry and agriculture, macroeconomic and microeconomic aspects. It is not only a decision-making organ for the social development and the economy of the county but also an executive body to implement principles and policies of the state. The county government has always been elementary but crucial in the administrative system. As a result, the study of public services and strategy-making choices at county-level government is bound to have important theoretical value and practical significance in the process of building a harmonious society.Based on the background and significance of the study in the introductory part. This article gives an overall review of academic research carried out home and abroad and expounds some important concepts. Then in the first part of this paper, the correlation between the public service of county government and the harmonious society is analyzed. The author examines the public services at the county level from the nature of public service and from the perspective of building a harmonious society. Moreover, the author concludes that the requirement for governments to upgrade the level of public service capacity in the process of building a harmonious society is inevitable. The second part of the article introduces the development and achievements of public service of governments at county-level and analyzes problems in public service of county government. The third part mainly focuses on the challenges that the public service of county government meets in the process of building a harmonious society. The forth part is the main part of the article, the author puts forward some suggestions to strengthen the public service of county governments in the light of the existing problems in the public service of county governments.
Keywords/Search Tags:harmonious society, county government, public service function
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