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Research On The Government's Integrity In The Perspective Of Harmonious Society

Posted on:2011-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360308490649Subject:Administrative Management
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Government Integrity culture has a great influence upon the construction of harmonioussociety.The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China said that we must paymore attention to the Integrity Construction and insist on making government affairs publicprinciple. According to the the basic principles of a socialist harmonious society to analyzethe society that there are many problems in the government administrative behavior,such assystem defect,Information asymmetry and corruption in the civil service idea that case thegovernment break its faths to a certain extent. Government discredit is root of socialdisharmony is inevitable to bring negative effect and do harm to the harmonious society. Sowe must keep continuity of public policy,expanda channels of publicityof government affair,According to the party's policy of building a harmonious society and a guiding idea,thatanalysis of the responses to build the building of the Government's integrity. Impovetransparence of government policy,transform function of government,improve effciencyandset up efficient ,paractical government. Carries on the good faith education to the official byguiding principle and realize the rule of law effectively, implement administrative services ,establish government administration's surveillance system,and strengthen governmentcredit .
Keywords/Search Tags:harmonious society, government integrity, government function, Public Service, Responsible Government
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