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Study On Government Performance Evaluation Basing On A Perspective Of Service Government

Posted on:2009-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360278971039Subject:Administrative Management
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The excellent performance is the base of presenting a good government image and the important guarantee of government legalization and rationalization. The performance appraisal is a kind of managerial tool which measure the level of the government's management and service, the efficiency of government's operation and the effect of government's output. This thesis talks about how to promote the more developed performance evaluation in the background of "Service Government" in China. However the traditional government performance evaluation system produced in the economic construction government contains tremendous encumbrance if we continue to use traditional government performance evaluation system in the construction of the Service Government, then the result of public Service Government will be totally different from our expectation. Therefore, to draw lessons from advanced countries reform and set up our own service government performance evaluation system, and to make advanced principle of service government show outside and inside government performance evaluation system up, then we have already hoped the function of leading direction and encouraging can urge the government to response to citizen's request, to improve service quality, and in the end to make the government be a lawful, democratic responsible government and promote the construction of the service government.According to the found purpose, the thesis analyzes and the content of government performance evaluation, service government and the developed situation of performance evaluation about domestic and foreign government firstly. At the same time, pointing out clearly that our development of performance evaluation confronts predicament and gives feasibility advices. In addition, as a practical tool this thesis also points out the relationship between performance evaluation and service-oriented government philosophy; be made the operational model of an ideal performance evaluation about service government and carries out analysis and explanation from the perspective both static and dynamic; the last, this thesis makes investigation and analysis in accordance with degree of customer- oriented satisfaction about economic and trade system in H Suburban in Heilongjiang Province and be gave the conclusion basing on the investigation model and data processing of customer- oriented satisfaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:service government, government performance evaluation, degree of customer-oriented satisfaction
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