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Customer Relationships From The Perspective Of Research On Service-Oriented Government

Posted on:2010-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360302959455Subject:Administrative Management
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The CPC National Congress sumed up the government function four contents: the economical adjustment, market supervision and management, the social management and the public service, Premier Wen Jiabao explicitly pointed out that we must work hard to build the service-oriented government. The paper focuses on the question of the existence about the government management under this environment, the synthesis has utilized the public management theory, Customer Relationship Management theory and service-oriented government theory, and puts forward a concept of Customer Relationship Management application in the service-oriented government's construction.Firstly, this paper explains the background and practical significance, and sums up the practical experience in the recycling of the government at home and abroad,analyses the current situation of China's building a service-oriented government, compared with other countries of similar reform and the differences that the main thesis research methods and ideas for explaining the CRM service-based content management features, theoretical foundation and framework.Secondly, the present situation which managed to our country government has carried on the proof, analyzed our country the main question which existed in the government process, pointed out transformed the way from the economical management government which needed to upgrade for the service government, for the United States and other countries after the introduction of the empirical analysis of actual results, compared early proposed the construction service government's city proved for the example has constructed the service government in our country government affairs processing and the CRM technology and the method union feasibility. Moreover, this article to managed based on the CRM service government does further inquired into that, applied CRM in the government affairs treating processes, proposed the government reformed the choice way, has analyzed with emphasis based on the CRM government affairs demand response pattern, the electronic government affairs service pattern and the government affairs processes the pattern.Finally, the use of fuzzy synthesis evaluation method and arrangement analysis method and other methods of quantitative analysis has established levels of the public sector and evaluation system, by using a questionnaire survey conducted an empirical study on performance management, based on the products and services provided by government departments assessment to better monitor and improve the work of government departments, provide better service for the public and the society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented Government, Customer Relationship Theory, E-government, Electronic Government affairs, Degree of Public Satisfaction
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