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A Study Of Manpower Search And Network Privacy

Posted on:2010-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of network extension and its functions, especially in recent years the network "manpower search " engine and the emergence of widespread application of, manpower search (engine) network environment has become an indispensable part of, "Human flesh search" as a new type of search is made easier by the way has also brought enormous adverse social effects. Especially with regard to the privacy of citizens network "manpower search (engine) " is an angel or a devil, is also divergent views are. Recently, the network "Human flesh search" case happened frequently, resulting in the network environment to protect network privacy issues. Among them, the "manpower search (engine) " the most controversial is the information released to others acts of personal networks are not an infringement of privacy. Reason for the existence of such controversy, mainly because of legislative certainty and uncertainty, theoretical understanding of what is meant by personal networks for privacy, such as its scope and limits of existence at a great understanding of differences, In this regard; scholars of personal privacy protection have varied. In this paper, the importance of cognitive network privacy protection under the premise of trying to explore the "manpower search (engine)" concept, the characteristics of the status quo, under the network environment characterized by privacy, content, and "manpower search (engine)" under the Online Privacy protection of the right to put forward their own views.This thesis is mainly divided into four parts, the first major meat-speaking people an overview of search engine and its development, with an emphasis on the definition of manpower search, development status, the meaning of existence and with the traditional search engines as compared to meat people search engine is unique in Department manpower search dissection simultaneously with the network the distinction between violence and contact.The second part focuses on privacy and online privacy and the general connotation of the traditional theory, network privacy and privacy through a comparative study analysis of network privacy at the importance of network time, in order to pave the way for the protection of network privacy.The third part, manpower search and network privacy protection and coordination of the conflict, mainly from the perspective of both analysis of the relationship between the two: manpower search at the right to privacy conflict with the network connection, from the people at this stage the meat case with the network English Privacy Status of the nervous start by analyzing the status quo, summed up the meat people search on the network right to privacy against the way, behavior, consequences in mind, sort out the relationship between the two conflicting factors; manpower search in privacy and network of co-ordination, through the analysis of meat English people against the spread of internet privacy in the collection of acts and conduct, in order to further explore the meat people search website and its operators to launch a legal duty to provide reference and special punishment for the protection of online privacy to seek relief channels.The fourth part , explore the human search and network privacy protection mechanisms feasibility, through drawing and comparison of practical experience in developed countries, to present their views and ideas.
Keywords/Search Tags:manpower search (engine), violence of network, conflict and protection, network privacy
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