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The Problems And Countermeasures Of Wuhai Government’s "One-Stop" Service

Posted on:2017-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the party’s eighteen Third Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to the reforn of administrative examination and approval system, repeatedly canceled and decentralized administrative approval, the implementation of "one-stop" service, standardize the administrative examination and approval. Especially in the past year, but significantly reduce the government’s direct configuration of resources, promote market-oriented reforms from greater breadth and depth to promote from power list system to optimize government services regulation, from the implementation of the "three-in-one card" Registration system to release the price of goods and services, a series of initiatives related to the decentralization of substantive progress, stimulate a variety of new industries, new technologies, new formats, new models are emerging, but also for the general public to actively promote entrepreneurship and innovation, to create new development engines inject more vitality.In recent years, a common practice around the reform of administrative examination and approval system is to set up the Administrative Service Center, the establishment of government affairs hall, which is effectively a bold attempt in the country to deepen the "one-stop approval" service process. Many cities and actively build law-based government, to promote the transformation of government functions, clean government and service-oriented government in the process, continue to study and explore the functional orientation of the government center for innovation and optimization of administrative services management has accumulated a lot of valuable experience. Now, Administrative Service Center has become the transformation of government management functions, building a service-oriented government, from the source to prevent corruption, promote an important part of the administrative reform, the legitimate exercise of the relevant government departments and scientific allocation of administrative rights, the establishment of a set effective, legitimate and clean government management system has a very important value and significance. However, the current status of running government services center point of view, there are still some problems:administrative approval in some areas have not been fully integrated into the government center, for approval of the majority of issues still need to carry out various government departments, government center and running management is more formal; some government center function is limited to "mail room" only responsible for receiving applications and issuing licenses, is not responsible for handling specific matters, not functionally complete. In addition, there is not uniform around the government center name, function is not perfect, uneven staffing levels and other issues, greatly influenced the development of standardized government services center.Based on the above, this article Wuhai city government, for example, introduced the city government to carry out "one-stop" service, status and characteristics of the construction of government service centers, the city government in the analysis of the "one-stop" service and during operation the government center in the main issues, in-depth analysis of the cause of the problem, and carry out the Wuhai City, "one-stop" service put forward countermeasures and suggestions.
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