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The Study Of Service-Oriented Government Theory Under The Scope Of Governance Theory

Posted on:2011-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302494415Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the service-oriented government theory been put forward, it immediately became a hot issue in academia and obtained the approval from central government,making service-oriented government be set to be the goal of the reform in Chinese government. However, it is undeniable that, despite the fact that a great deal of work has been done in theoretical research and practical experiments, the deep concept and construction path of service-oriented government is still not clear. This requires us to sort out its theory and connotation.On the other hand, since the 90's governance has been rapidly recognized and applied in the field of social sciences as a series of management mechanism. It emphasizes that multiplied subjects in society should cooperate and attain a win-win situation, believing that the authority of social administration and the subject of public services should be diversified, which is a good reference to service-oriented government with"citizen-oriented"as its core value. It also provides a new horizon to observe the theory and construction of service-oriented government. In this paper, the author summarizes the theories of governance and service-oriented government and brings forward suggestions of the goals and path in constructing service-oriented government.This paper is divided into four parts:The first part is Introduction. This part introduces the background of research and the studies been made at home and abroad; this part also sums up the significance of the topic introduced in this paper and the study approach.The second part is The Concept of Governance and Its Structural Levels. First, this paper sorts out the origin and meaning of the governance theory, then sums up the characteristics of a reasonable management structure, and finally analyzes the level of governance. The third part is Theoretical Connotation and the Characteristics of Service-oriented Government. First, this paper analyzes the concept of service-oriented government from the etymological point of view, makes it clear that the core characteristic of service-oriented government is"citizen-oriented"value. Then this part sums up the theoretical connotations of service-oriented government.The fourth part is The Enlightenment of Governance toward Service- oriented Government. First, this part points out that governance theory is put forward during a special time and environment in the west. As a result, we can not copy without screening in reference of its intrinsic value. Then this paper summarizes the problems aroused in the construction of service-oriented government. Finally, this paper brings forward the goals and the path of building a service-oriented government, combined with the theory of reasonable governance structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Governance, Service-Oriented Government, Government Reform, Government's Role, Citizen Orientation
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